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Wondering why you should want to drive electric?

Let's face it, in your gut you know electric cars make sense.

Most everything you use that requires power runs on electricity. You're not craving a gasoline-powered cell phone, hair dryer or toaster. Why? Because electricity is more convenient, less expensive, and cleaner. And it's made in America.

There are lots of reasons electricity is better than petroleum. Check out The Case for Electricity.

As you'd expect, there's a compelling environmental case for electric cars. We've got lots of information about this in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our addiction to oil has huge national security implications. That's one reason ex-CIA chief James Woolsey is on our advisory board. has made some compelling TV spots on the true price we pay each time we fill up with gasoline.

Electric cars open up new possiblilities for a more efficient, economical and stable electric grid.

Lots of people already drive plug-in cars, and you can read our stories here.

Pretty soon there are going to be lots of new plug-in cars available. Plug In America's Vehicle Tracker keeps you up-to-date on all the plug-in cars, trucks and two and three-wheeled vehicles as they are announced.

Plug In America tracks all the available government incentives that make plug in vehicles more affordable for you. In many locations, electric utilities offer special rates for plug-in cars charging off-peak, when power is plentiful and cheap

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