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Links and Resources

The links and listings are provided for information purposes only. The following lists are not exhaustive or fully comprehensive, but we have tried to include a representative list of resources for each category. Plug In America makes no representations as to the workmanship, creditworthiness, or any other attributes of the companies listed or of their products or services.

About Electric Cars & Plug-In Hybrids

Electrification Coalition
California Cars Initiative, promoting 100 MPG cars
Electric Auto Association
Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Development Consortium
Neighborhood electric vehicle user group
Plug In America's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Plug In Partners, demonstrating demand for Plug-In Hybrids
Set America Free, promoting steps to energy independence

Allies of Plug In America

California Cars Initiative
Co-op America
U.S. Congresswoman Linda T. Sanchez, California 39th district | support
Electric Auto Association
Rainforest Action Network
Sierra Club Angeles Chapter

Our Addiction to Oil

Institute for the Analysis of Global Security
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge facts
Post Carbon Institute, how to live after oil & gas
Peak Oil, as described by Oil Industry Experts
Discussions about energy and our future

Alternative Fuels & Flex-Fuel

Department of Energy, Alternative Fuel Data Center
National Biodiesel Board
Willie Nelson's Farm Fresh Biodiesel

Find EVs

EV Finder
Electric Auto Association - NEV list
Neighborhood electric car directory
Plug In America Plug-in Vehicle Tracker

Find Plug In Accessories

Plug In America Plug-in Vehicle Accessory Tracker

Find Charging Stations

AFDC Alternative Fuel Station Locator
Electric Car Stations

Manufacturer databases

ChargePoint Network (Coulomb stations only)
Blink Map (Bl!nk stations only)
Shorepower Network (Shorepower stations only)
SemaCharge Network (SemaConnect stations only)
Wikipedia List of U.S. Charging Networks

Community Resources for Owners by Make

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors Club Forum (vBulletin)
Unofficial Tesla Owners Map

GM/Chevrolet (vBulletin)


My Nissan Leaf Forum (phpBB)


Ford Focus Electric Forum (phpBB)


Fisker Buzz Forums (vBulletin)


smart USA Insider

Electric Car and Plug-in Hybrid Equipment

AC Propulsion, innovator of electric cars & drive systems
EDrive Systems, developer of leading plug-in hybrid system
Electric Vehicles of America, New Hampshier suppliers of EV parts
Energy CS, plug-in hybrid engineering group
Metric Mind Engineering, suppliers of EV systems
CurrentWays Technologies, manufacturer of EV battery chargers

Electric Car Conversion Services

To find a reliable, conveniently-located mechanic for all-electric drive conversions, please try the resources at the Electric Auto Association

News Sources for Electric Cars

EV World online magazine
Green Car Congress
Electrifying Times
EVCast, podcast for information on electric cars
4EVRiders, News, Blog, & Forum on Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrids

Education and History of Electric Cars

EV driver community group
Web resource for locating public EV chargers A personal site, dedicated to the EV1 campaign
EV1 Club Home page
Original GM web site (circa Gen II model)
Owner's experience driving a RA4 EV
RAV4 EV original TV ad
Advocates of the Th!nk City Electric car
Who Killed the Electric Car?
English Campaign for battery electric vehicles
EV owners' difficulty in buying electric vehicles
Down-to-earth facts and feelings about electric cars

Take Action

Help Ford to improve fleet fuel economy Sign petition asking automakers for Plug-in Hybrids
Join more than 300,000 who say "Stop Global Warming!"
Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
American Lung Association call for better EPA air pollution standards
Call for better fleet economy standards
Exposing Oil Industry financing of deceptive PR campaign in California
Submit to the Suggestion Box to create a future for US Automakers
Make responsible buying choices through Co-op America
UK based Campaign for Battery Electric Vehicles


In The Driver's Seat, the official Plug In America blog
New Energy News, renewable energy news
Plugs And Cars, about plug-in vehicles
EVs and Energy
RechargeIT Blog, "Recharge a Car, Recharge the Grid, Recharge the Planet"

EVolution of Electric Cars & Plug-Ins

"The Cars That Will Recharge America" by Sherry Boschert - Author's website
"Car That Could: The Inside Story of GM's Revolutionary Electric Vehicle" by Michael Shnayerson, 1996
"Convert It: A step-by-step manual for converting an internal combustion vehicle to electric power", by Michael P. Brown and Shari Prange, 1993
"The Electric and Hybrid Electric Car", by Michael H. Westbrook, 2001
"Gasoline to Electric Conversion Manual: A Workshop Guide for High Schools", published by the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada, July 2005
"History of the Electric Automobile: Hybrid electric vehicles", by Ernest H. Wakefield, 1998
"Taken For a Ride: Detroit's Big Three and the politics of pollution" by Jack Doyle

Books on Peak Oil and Energy Transition

"Beyond Oil: The view from Hubbert's Peak", by Kenneth S. Deffeyes, 2005
"The Coming Oil Crisis", by Colin Campbell
"Crossing the Rubicon", by Michael C. Ruppert
"The End of Oil", by Paul Roberts
"High and Mighty: The dangerous rise of the SUV", by Keith Bradsher, 2002
"High Noon for Natural Gas: The New Energy Crisis", by Julian Darley
"The Hype about Hydrogen", by Joseph J. Romm, 2004
"Out of Gas, The End of the Age of Oil", by David Goodstein, 2004
"Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage", by Kenneth S. Deffeyes
"The Party's Over", by Richard Heinberg
"Power Down: Options and actions for a post-carbon world", by Richard Heinberg, 2004
"The Solar Economy", by Herman Scheer
"Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Oil Shock", by Matt Simmons