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Zero Motorcycles Zero S-ZF6

2012 Zero S, courtesy of Zero Motorcycles
2012 Zero S, courtesy of Zero Motorcycles
2012 Zero S, courtesy of Zero Motorcycles


The 2012 Zero S leverages a completely new battery cell chemistry and configuration.The Zero S electric motorcycle features an aircraft grade alloy frame and a low friction belt drive. Weighing in at only 297 pounds, the 6k Wh Z-Force™ patented Li-Ion intelligent power pack provides a max speed of 88 mph and an EPA estimated range of 76 miles in the city and 43 miles on the highway. Standard recharge time is 6 hours with a quick charge option available that reduces recharge time. A J1772 charging connector option is available.

2012 Zero Lineup Video


Vehicle Type: 
2 & 3 Wheel Vehicles
76 mi
Now Available
Top Speed: 
88 mph
Connector Type: 
Price (USD): 


kevwaggs's picture

Wow, that bike looks great,

Wow, that bike looks great, but what about all of their new street legal models like the DS, MXD, XD and the new S?

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