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VIA-Motors VTrux

 VTrux, courtesy of VIA Motors
VTrux, courtesy of VIA Motors
 VTrux charging, courtesy of VIA Motors
VTrux, courtesy of VIA Motors
VIA Motors VTrux Power Export, courtesy of VIA Motors


The VIA Motors VTrux is an extended range electric truck that can travel up to 40 miles on electricity thanks to its 27kWhr battery pack. Once the battery is depleted a 150kW (201HP) gasoline powered generator turns on to provide power to the drive system for up to 400 miles of total range. The VTrux is powered by a 175kW (300kW peak) electric motor and will be available in 2- and 4-wheel drive versions. Additionally, the VTrux is capable of acting as a large generator to provide power at work sites or during emergencies.

Via's eREV Powertrain:



Vehicle Type: 
Cars & Trucks
40 mi
Now Available
Top Speed: 
85 mph
Connector Type: 
Price (USD): 
Price (USD): 

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