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Vectrix VX-1

Vectrix VX-1
Vectrix VX-1
Vectrix VX-1
Vectrix VX-1


The VX-1 is an all electric scooter capable of transporting two passengers. Vectrix has upgraded the VX-1 to use Li-ion batteries, dubbing the new models the VX-1 Li and VX-1 Li+. The Li model will travel 40-60 miles per charge and the Li+ model will travel 55-85 miles per charge. The Li will reach 60 miles per hour in 6 seconds, while the heavier Li+ will take 6.25 seconds.  The VX-1 has a unique throttle that incorporates regenerative braking - twist to accelerate or brake.


Vehicle Type: 
2 & 3 Wheel Vehicles
85 mi
Top Speed: 
62 mph
Connector Type: 
Price (USD): 


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Vectrix is "not really" available in the US

Vectrix... Awesome ride, Great Vehicle, If you live in the UK. If you live in the U.S. and are one of the unfortunate people (like me) that bought one, only to have the U.S. part of the company go bankrupt and sold off to the battery manufacturer in China. You find: No Warranty, No Parts, No Manuals, No Support from the dealerships that sold them. It becomes an 8-11 thousand dollar investment that sours as soon as you have a problem. I still ride mine but with 4500 miles on it, it has a minor issue that limits me to driving it around my small suburb out side of Washington, DC. Not trustworthy enough to take to work.
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Got My Vectrix back from the Factory in New Bedford, MA after a few weeks. They Tuned, Tweaked and Repaired my scooter. I took it out for a test drive, fully charged (17 Bars on the gauge). I drove around the Washington DC suburbs in mixed driving (35-60 MPH). I came back home after about 40 miles with my range meter showing 7 Bars and 24-30 miles left in my range. I am a 6'2" 320LB guy so it is like two people on the scooter but it performed very well. I will have no range anxiety and think this updated Vectrix will carry me on my 40 Mile daily commute quite well with lots of distance to spare.
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Vectrix is back in the US. While the new owners are international in origin, part of the original staff that created Vectrix is still there. I recently contacted them to talk about getting support to fix the issues with my bike and was surprised that they offered to upgrade my bike from NIMH technology to LiFe Po4 battery pack (the cost was $3,700.00 plus shipping) but they gave my bike a going over and found the source of my problem was the motor speed controller was failing. It costs about $1300.00 to get that replaced but this is the second unit my bike has needed in 4 years (mind you I have paid NOTHING in maintenance costs since I purchased this bike) and Vectrix replaced this one without charge as well. I have not spec’ed the performance of the Lithium Ion batteries yet but my past performance was: (I am 6’2” 300lbs…) Actual 28-32 miles mixed driving City/Highway per charge. With the reduced battery weight and increased amp hours of the batteries, I hope this will increase to 50-60 miles mixed driving City/Highway per charge. More to come…

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