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Renault Kangoo ZE

Kangoo Z.E., courtesy of Renault
Kangoo Z.E., courtesy of Renault
Kangoo Z.E. interior, courtesy of Renault
Kangoo Z.E. cargo area, courtesy of Renault


The Kangoo ZE is an all-electric compact commercial van that comes in two options: Express and Maxi. The Kangoo Express ZE seats two passengers and has a curb weight of 1520kg. The Kangoo Express ZE can carry 650kg or 3.5m2 of cargo. he Kangoo Maxi ZE will have a wheelbase that is about 15 in longer and will be available in a 5-seat format. The Maxi ZE is about $3,000 more than the Kangoo Express ZE.  Both Kangoo ZEs are powered by a 44kW (70hp) electric motor. The Kangoo ZE will have four recharge options, including regular (4-8 hours), wall-mount (4-8 hours), fast (10 minutes for 30 miles), and quick-drop (3 minutes, available in Israel and Denmark in 2011). Renault is now taking reservations for the Kangoo ZE, which will cost £16,990 (about $27,000 US) plus a monthly battery lease fee of £59 (about $95 US).


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Cars & Trucks
100 mi
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81 mph
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ZE EV Maxi Availability in Uruguay?

Is it now or when will it be available in Uruguay? Price?
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Renault Zero Emission

In the search for available plug-ins in your website it only lists this one (the Kangoo) of the four zero emissions being commercialized by Renault. I couldn't find any reference to the more interesting Renault Z.E. brands like the Zoe Z.E., the Fluence Z.E. and the Twizy.
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Re: Renault Zero Emission

We do have other highway-capapble Renault ZE vehicles listed on our tracker:

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Is this car available in the USA?
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re: USA

Renault doesn't sell vehicles in the USA, so probably never. It's sister company Nissan may eventually come out with a similar product. But check out the Ford Transit Connect EV. It's a similar sized vehicle with similar specs.

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