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Peraves MonoTracer e

Peraves MonoTracer e
Peraves MonoTracer e
Peraves MonoTracer e
Peraves MonoTracer e


The Monotracer e is a high performance pure battery electric version of the MonoTracer®, a two-wheeled fully enclosed cabin motorcycle with retractable lateral stabilizer wheels. The MonoTracer e® is powered by AC Propulsion's 150 kW (201 hp) AC150 drive system and 24kWhrs (20 kWhrs useable) of LiIon batteries with a 0-60mph acceleration time of under 5 seconds. The vehicle will be under 1300lbs and can carry two passengers with weekend baggage. 

MonoTracer e® In Action


Vehicle Type: 
2 & 3 Wheel Vehicles
200 mi
Now Available
Top Speed: 
150 mph
Connector Type: 
Price (USD): 


Richard's picture

7-year old son

Son is in love with this, because he wants a Tron lightcycle ;-)

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