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Myers Motors Duo

Myers Motors Duo
Myers Motors Duo
Myers Motors Duo
Myers Motors Duo


Duo: "Doesn't Use Gas", a three wheel enclosed vehicle, two-seater, powered by Li-ion batteries for a range 60-100 mi depending on battery package. Myers has pushed back their target date from 2011 to 2013. They expect to deliver their first 100 vehicles before the end of 2013.

Myers is now taking free reservations as well as deposits of varying amounts. Click here to reserve.


Vehicle Type: 
2 & 3 Wheel Vehicles
100 mi
Top Speed: 
76 mph
Connector Type: 
Price (USD): 


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You may want to update your

You may want to update your information on this vehicle. If I understood what is explained on the company's website, this is now a ONE-seater car with FOUR wheels and a range of 60 miles on a single charge. Still taking "reservations"; now no estimate on when car will be made.
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Is Meyers Motors still in

Is Meyers Motors still in business and have plans to make the two seater they have promised for years?
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when will this be available

when will this be available in kentucky?
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Who knows...

Myers' original target for this vehicle was 2010. Mid 2011, they updated that target to 2011. Now it's 2012 and we're still waiting.
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Best looking EV I've seen yet!

I would buy one of these to drive to and from work. The aerodynamic shape looks awesome.

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