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Ford Transit Connect EV

Ford Transit Connect EV
Ford Transit Connect EV
Ford Transit Connect EV
Ford Transit Connect EV


Based on the popular Ford Transit Connect van platform from Europe, the Transit Connect EV has a liquid-cooled 28 kWh Li-Ion battery pack in the floorboard, taking up space where the gas tank would be. The batteries don't take up any extra space, giving the van 135 cubic feet of cargo space, just as in the gasoline-powered model. The all electric van can accelerate at the same rate as its gasoline-powered counterpart and can reach a top speed of 75 mph. Ford is also developing a passenger version of the Transit Connect EV, the Tourneo Connect EV. Ford has parnterned with Azure Dynamics to build the Transit Connect EV. Ford began shipping the Transit Connect EV to customers in North America and Britain in December 2010.

The Transit Connect EV is no longer for sale.


Vehicle Type: 
Commercial Vehicles
80 mi
Top Speed: 
75 mph
Price (USD): 


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"same rate as it's [very possessive rate] gasoline-powered counterpart" I wish we would see a lot more of these in use! Perhaps there could be a more significant credit for the trucks/vans as they are less likely to be adopted, yet have a big benefit. When people see all EV trucks in use, they will know the technology is ready for adoption for small cars that can be EV. Just getting these out to be seen by the public throughout the nation (not just in big cities) is important.
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EV transit

Does anyone have more info on these electric transits? I have the opportunity to buy one from a business. Who can work on them? warranty on a 2011?
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Transit Connect EV Not For That Price

I like It, but not for that price...I would buy one If It was $19,000 or so... And went a 100 miles or more on a single charge...& pluged in to a 120 V... Can they make one for that??? I think a lot of people would buy them...then... Thanks RJD
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Jesus Christ, your comment is

Jesus Christ, your comment is infuriating. First, the gasoline models aren't even $19k. Second, 80 miles for a plug in vehicle is on par with just about every other plug in vehicle (Focus, Leaf, Volt, etc) Third, like every other Ford plug in available, you can plug it into 120V. Educate yourself before you speak. Granted $60k is a lot, but the fact that there is an electric work truck available is amazing in and of itself. People like you always want more more more and have ridiculous demands when you cannot be satisfied with an amazing product sitting right in front of you. So please, tell me, where can YOU find an electric vehicle that meets all your demands? Especially an electric vehicle for $19k? Please. Get real.
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The Renault Kangoo Z.E. is similar in many respects to this Ford Transit, but for less than half the price, selling for about $27K, USD. The catch is that Renault doesn't market in the US. This price for the Transit is really a bit steep by most standards.
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MSN listed the price as

$22,035 in this link
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2012 Azure Dynamics Transit Connect Electric Van

Ford dealer on Long Island, NY quoted $60,000 on 3/6/12. I agree no one will pay over 260% more for a delivery van, but they priced it this high, not us. Just another way to blockade the road away from fossil fuels.
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Why would a EV van be $60,000

Why would a EV van be $60,000 each? Tesla Modle X is only 30-40,000. STOP posting Anti-electic lies on here. If ford is selling for $60,000 then that is a scam. don't buy it. just get the tesla modle x for $40,000 and strip it. Then use as a van.
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The price that was quoted to

The price that was quoted to me by a Ford Dealership in Florida was $60,000 each
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More information on Transit Connect Electric

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