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Ford Fusion Energi

Ford Fusion Energi, courtesy of Ford
Ford Fusion Energi, courtesy of Ford
Ford Fusion Energi, courtesy of Ford
Ford Fusion Energi, courtesy of Ford
Ford Fusion Energi, courtesy of Ford


The Ford Fusion Energi is the plug-in hybrid version of the 2013 Ford Fusion. The Fusion Energy shares many features and specs with it's sister, the Ford C-MAX Energi. The Fusion Energy is powered by the Fusion Hybrid's 2.0 L engine along with a LiIon battery pack. The Fusion Energi can reach 85 mph in electric only mode, before the gas engine kicks in.


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D. Smith's picture

The Dirty Little Secret

Wound up getting a Fusion Energi due to the fact that there was so many incentives, it helped me get rid of the "upside downage" of previous cars. I love the car itself, but the drive system in electric is great. Without the electric it's a drony car with a CVT. Here is the dirty little secret...My car was plugged in outside and took a lightning hit. So did my house. Quite possibly the car was the old Ben Franklin kite thing. It needed two battery modules. Ford took TWO FREAKING MONTHS to get me those modules. They cost $3700. If the Insurance didn't cover that, it would have wiped out any savings in gas and then some. Being a Ford Guy my whole life is now over. No one should have to wait two months for a part. (Now it says I'm going to get 43 miles from a charge, doesn't even get close). Until they get the prices of repairs down, I'm going back to gas engines.
FordIsGood's picture


Mine is a 2014 ENERGI. After reading about your lightning concern, I have to share mine about Carwash. Since I am not used to electric car, I just took my car to a commmon touchfree carwash! Haha, the pressure wash has thrown that lolli-pop thing open (plug-in cover/lid). Of course I didn't think about anything before to worry about that. Luckily the carwash place has an effective blow-dryer. By the time I got home, the opened electrical plug-in has probably been dried by then. Just think about the plug-in is still full of moisture or water and you're not paying attention just put your cable in with live 15 AMP's going thru! I don't know what could have happened if I have done that right after a vigorous carwash!
BigHarry's picture

Ford Fusion Rocks!

I have owned this car for six months now. I absolutely love it. Most of my driving is under 30 miles per trip, so I usually drive electric only. I have only had to fill up the tank one time since I purchased the car and I'm still on full. The electric only range is more like 19 miles, and hills do drain the battery. However, going downhill I noticed a huge charge to my battery by using the re-generative brakes. They are awesome. The acceleration while running on electric isn't good at first, but going from 20 mph to 60 mph is a snap. The combustion engine has very good acceleration when you need it, but that rarely happens. The controls and dashboard are fantastic with Ford's Sync System. This car also parallel parks for me which I love. It actually works. The trunk space is small but will handle a moderate amount of groceries or kids backpacks. All in all, a great car.
Craig's picture

Ford Fusion Energi a bad compromise

Aug 31, 2013 I just drove a Ford Fusion Energi. I was really hoping this car would be a great commuting solution. However, the trunk is almost non-existent, the car was, at best, sluggish, and despite the car, which was admittedly not fully charged, saying it had a 7 mile range, we made it about 3. In all electric mode going up a very modest hill, petal to the floor resulted in dangerously slow acceleration. With the car switched to gas/hybrid mode, the same maneuver resulted in a 1-2 second delay before the engine activated and the car began to accelerate. With the extra bulk of the batteries, it was like driving a truck pulling a heavy load. The engine is noisy compared to the gas-only model. Compared to either the Fusion hybrid or the 2L turbo gas-only, the Energi is a bad compromise.
Kent's picture

Energi is a GREAT compromise

Really, the only "compromise" with the Energi is that you lose half your trunk space to the battery in exchange for amazing gas mileage. I find that it has much better pickup off the line because the electric motor has full torque available right away, whereas a gas engine doesn't get full torque until you're at several thousand RPM. Also, the range on the display will change based on the driver's own habits. So, on a test drive, if you put the pedal to the metal while the last few drivers didn't, the electric range will not end up lasting what it says it will. On the other hand, if you drive nicer than the last few people did, it'll last longer than it says. FWIW, Ford claims 21 mile range which I think is a very honest number - I get 25 in the summer, and 18 in the winter (in Wisconsin). Also, normally it's best to use electric power in the city and gas power on the highway - That's where each is the most efficient. When I use gas power on the highway, I usually have to look down in the dash to even know if the engine has turned on because the air and tire noise is usually louder than the engine. I've had the Energi for about 9 months now, purchased in early November. Over the winter, my average MPG was in the upper 50's. Now, in the summer, I have enough range to make my full commute electrically so my average is up to 80 since I bought the car. My last (14-gal) tank of gas lasted over 2000 miles and averaged 159 mpg. My electric bill has gone up by about $20/mo, but I spend $140/mo LESS in gas compared to my previous car (Volvo S60, similar size/weight/power)! I couldn't be happier - I have a great-looking, comfortable car that gets amazing mileage, and I love being able to drive around silently. Ford did a great job with this car, I wish they'd spend more effort marketing it!
Marla's picture

2013 Fusion Energi SE Luxury rocks!

I have had my 2013 Fusion Energi not quite 2 years and since my Employer put in a charging station, I only fill my gasoline tank about once every 6-8 weeks. I have gotten as many as 2084 miles on a 14 gallon tank. No, I don't drive too far from home, but most over 50 year olds don't if they work near home.... It's comfortable and has great options that are easy to use as well. I find if I "trick" the car by accelerating a bit faster than I want to go and then backing off the gas a bit, it will kick into stored battery power and I can get even more miles once the Electric charge is used up.... I spend between $4.50 and $10.00 a month to charge it with off peak electric. The federal government requires all Electricity providers to supply EV owners an off peak meter if they request one, so once installed, instead of 12 cents a kw hour, I pay 5.4 cents a kwh to charge from 11pm - 6am.. Getting 4-5 TIMES the mileage my Mini van got, so I am extremely happy... Who needs a trunk, anyway? :>)
Anonymous's picture

Absolute nonsense about being a bad compromise.

Having owned a Prius for 4 years and putting over 147,000 miles on it AND having a friend who now owns a plug-in Prius, the Ford Fusion outshines BOTH cars without question. I drive 67 miles each way in HEAVY SF Bay area traffic and up highway 17 each morning and average 68 mpg with a full charge. You must not have joined any forums on how to drive the car appropriately and that is not a shot at all but there are methods to driving a plug-in hybrid. I HAD a 2014 Fusion SE hybrid LOADED that I drove for 2 months and really liked the car but traded it in for a 2013 Fusion Energi. My mileage went from 39 to 55 and that is just charging at home! Now that I can charge at work, I will surely average around 65 mpg and had a 50 mile trip where I average over 80 mpg. One naysayer should not sway you from this machine. It is FAR better than the 11 miles AT BEST you get with the Prius plug-in. Amazing, simply amazing machine.
James's picture

compromise PLEASE

As a former crew chief of Baja race teams, you sir are full of it! You own a Leaf or Prius and are just jealous that this car out performs your car in every aspect, not to mention it is one of the most beautiful cars on the road. My over all MPG is 65.4 and I have reached 94.7 on one tank. No charge of the battery getting 52.4 and a Tesla could not pull past me until 40 mph. Please!!!
Anonymous's picture


I am an owner of an Energi, and drive 26 miles one way on 128 every day between 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM morning commute and 6:00 to 7:00 evening commute. A sluggish car would not survive during my commute times and the Energi is not sluggish. Yes the trunk is super small, but as a commuter the last thing I think about is trunk space. I get about 25 miles on a charge during my morning commute, my charge for the evening commute is limited to about 7-9 miles since I charge during my lunch hour. Its true my wife does not like driving with me in cold weather because heat drains my battery, but I never experience acceleration problems or delays in switching to hybrid mode. If you want a great commuting car, that is fun to drive, that can also get you to NYC and halfway back on a single tank of gas, consider the Energi. Lastly engine noise, I must be hard of hearing because in gas mode there is virtually little noise.

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