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Ford Fusion Energi

Ford Fusion Energi, courtesy of Ford
Ford Fusion Energi, courtesy of Ford
Ford Fusion Energi, courtesy of Ford
Ford Fusion Energi, courtesy of Ford
Ford Fusion Energi, courtesy of Ford


The Ford Fusion Energi is the plug-in hybrid version of the 2013 Ford Fusion. The Fusion Energy shares many features and specs with it's sister, the Ford C-MAX Energi. The Fusion Energy is powered by the Fusion Hybrid's 2.0 L engine along with a LiIon battery pack. The Fusion Energi can reach 85 mph in electric only mode, before the gas engine kicks in.


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102 mph
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BigHarry's picture

Ford Fusion Rocks!

I have owned this car for six months now. I absolutely love it. Most of my driving is under 30 miles per trip, so I usually drive electric only. I have only had to fill up the tank one time since I purchased the car and I'm still on full. The electric only range is more like 19 miles, and hills do drain the battery. However, going downhill I noticed a huge charge to my battery by using the re-generative brakes. They are awesome. The acceleration while running on electric isn't good at first, but going from 20 mph to 60 mph is a snap. The combustion engine has very good acceleration when you need it, but that rarely happens. The controls and dashboard are fantastic with Ford's Sync System. This car also parallel parks for me which I love. It actually works. The trunk space is small but will handle a moderate amount of groceries or kids backpacks. All in all, a great car.
Craig's picture

Ford Fusion Energi a bad compromise

Aug 31, 2013 I just drove a Ford Fusion Energi. I was really hoping this car would be a great commuting solution. However, the trunk is almost non-existent, the car was, at best, sluggish, and despite the car, which was admittedly not fully charged, saying it had a 7 mile range, we made it about 3. In all electric mode going up a very modest hill, petal to the floor resulted in dangerously slow acceleration. With the car switched to gas/hybrid mode, the same maneuver resulted in a 1-2 second delay before the engine activated and the car began to accelerate. With the extra bulk of the batteries, it was like driving a truck pulling a heavy load. The engine is noisy compared to the gas-only model. Compared to either the Fusion hybrid or the 2L turbo gas-only, the Energi is a bad compromise.
James's picture

compromise PLEASE

As a former crew chief of Baja race teams, you sir are full of it! You own a Leaf or Prius and are just jealous that this car out performs your car in every aspect, not to mention it is one of the most beautiful cars on the road. My over all MPG is 65.4 and I have reached 94.7 on one tank. No charge of the battery getting 52.4 and a Tesla could not pull past me until 40 mph. Please!!!
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I am an owner of an Energi, and drive 26 miles one way on 128 every day between 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM morning commute and 6:00 to 7:00 evening commute. A sluggish car would not survive during my commute times and the Energi is not sluggish. Yes the trunk is super small, but as a commuter the last thing I think about is trunk space. I get about 25 miles on a charge during my morning commute, my charge for the evening commute is limited to about 7-9 miles since I charge during my lunch hour. Its true my wife does not like driving with me in cold weather because heat drains my battery, but I never experience acceleration problems or delays in switching to hybrid mode. If you want a great commuting car, that is fun to drive, that can also get you to NYC and halfway back on a single tank of gas, consider the Energi. Lastly engine noise, I must be hard of hearing because in gas mode there is virtually little noise.

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