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Ford C-Max Energi

2013 C-Max Energy, courtesy of Ford
2013 C-Max Energy, courtesy of Ford
2013 C-Max Energy, courtesy of Ford
2013 C-Max Energy, courtesy of Ford
2013 C-Max Energy, courtesy of Ford


The 2013 Ford C-Max Energi is a plug-in hybrid version of the Ford C-Max. The C-Max Energi can drive in all electric mode up to 75 mph and has a total range of over 600 miles(gasoline and electric combined). Unlike the Chevrolet Volt, the car will have an intermediary blended phase where both battery and gasoline energy sources are used. The 2013 Ford C-Max Energi is now available in North America.


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90 mph
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Anonymous's picture

Almost 90,000 and still no problems

I've been driving and buying cars for over 50 years now and this C-Max energi is just plain strange. After almost 90,000 miles, it's never had a repair, just computer updates. I've replaced the tires and had it serviced, but it's never had a problem. It still looks and drives like new. (except for a little parking lot rash). This thing is more like an appliance than a car. I do a lot of mountain driving and it's great fun recharging the battery instead of using the engine or brakes to slow it down. It doesn't take long to fully recharge the battery for another 15 or 20 miles driving on the battery. About now, I would normally be looking for an excuse to buy a new car, but it looks like I'm stuck with this one for awhile yet!
jeff63a's picture

C Max Energi Will Not Charge

Hello, I just leased a 2015 C-Max Energi this week. Love the car, but I'm having an issue with charging. I use the 120v charger that came with it, as well as plugging into a charging station at work. Initially, I was using the schedule to charge, but when I realized it wasn't getting a charge, I switched to the Charge Now setting. I've had the car for a week, it's never charged. I've watched the charging status, and the start and end times advance with the clock time, so it never actually starts charging. When I plug in the 120v charger, the green Power light comes on, but no lights come on for the Vehicle. The end that is plugged into the car fits correctly and the blue lights momentarily light up in a clockwise rotation twice, then they go out. Neither the sales people or the service dept. can figure out what is wrong. Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
IslandTractor's picture

Not charging with 120v

I just acquired a 2013 Energi and have the same problem. It was partially charged on a 220v charger at the dealer. I drove it home on EV. When I went to charge it with 120v I get the same once or twice around with the blue LEDs but the charger box has only one solid green light and the battery doesn't charge. Plan to go back to the dealer tomorrow.
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Not charging with 120v

I just acquired a 2013 Energi and have the same problem. It was partially charged on a 220v charger at the dealer. I drove it home on EV. When I went to charge it with 120v I get the same once or twice around with the blue LEDs but the charger box has only one solid green light and the battery doesn't charge. Plan to go back to the dealer tomorrow.
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My 2014 CMax Energi

I have owned my Energi now about 6 months. Also, I live in Florida and I am really surprised at how much the temperature affects the battery and charge. I charge my car using the 110V charger that came with the car. Initially, I would be able to charge it to 21 miles. Then as the temps warmed up, I was averaging 25 miles per charge. I was pretty amazed! I only live 3 miles from work, so I would only charge it maybe twice a week. A note, did not notice hardly any change in my home electric bill. Then the weather started cooling off, not like living up North, but when the temps dipped into the 30s and 40s and below, when I would get in the fully charged car, it would show 19-21 miles, then once I started driving, it would suddenly drop to 8-9 miles. After sitting the sun for the day, it would then show 18-19 the outside temp greatly affects the battery charge. I had the CMax Hybrid before this and really enjoyed driving that car, at some point we were getting 48 MPG. On the Energi, the combined mileage I have been getting has been around 82 MPG. This has increased since switching to non-ethanol gas. Overall, very satisfied with this car. The best thing, compared to my Hybrid, my Sync system has not failed once.
Jim S's picture

Basic comments after 15 months

We like our C-Max Energi alot. We bought the Energi because with rebates and incentives it was cheaper than buying the plain hybrid with the same options. The dislikes pertain to the blind spots caused by the sloping windshield and the super thick pillars. Have almost hit a few cars and pedestrians as they can be totally blocked by those darn pillars! Our old VW Golf TDI had much better visibility and turning circle too! That is complaint #2 for the C-Max We have gone thousands of miles on a tank of gas because we lived in Fort Lauderdale and did lots of short trips, and used a 240 volt charger to charge a couple of times a day. The electricity used was barely noticeable on our bill, and seemed to be offset by switching to LED bulbs and a tankless electric water heater. Now we live in California, and today will be the last day I plug the car in at home until gas prices rise to over $2.60 as the electricity here is ridiculously expensive. A full charge in FL was 74 cents. Here it is $2.03. So gas is much cheaper to run in the car here. Nearly 9 cents per mile on electric and less than 6 cents per mile on gasoline, based on a conservative 36 MPG, which we can easily 42 MPG at this time of year. So, I guess I will just be lugging around that extra battery for a while! I am still willing to charge it for free at the public locations here, so that is a benefit.
MAsmom's picture

Front blind spot common problem!

I've been driving a Cmax for ~ 1/2 year now and am increasingly concerned I will end up running over a pedestrian. There appears to be a blind spot in front caused by the driver's side column (mentioned above) and perhaps the mirror. I have dug around on the internet to see others complain of this too and my co-worker has the same car, he agrees, although he's about 1.5 feet taller than myself. The blind spot is perfect for blocking me from seeing someone crossing on at my far left corner (~catty corner from car). It appears to be ~ 6 feet wide when I look out at a distance towards the opposite sidewalk. Even worse, if I drive forward thru an intersection it continues to block the path /sight of a pedestrian as they cross the street in front of me. Meaning I will not /cannot see them until I'm nearly hitting them! This is extraordinarily concerning. Its enough to make me want to sell the car and have to pay back the tax break and yet I don't want anyone else driving this car either!
Anonymous's picture

front blind spots

I have found the same to be true. It is disconcerting. While I will not be giving up the car, I've become extra cautious before making any corner turns. I noticed while test driving other cars that many have this same feature.
Dan B's picture

CMax Enegri EV Range

We bought our 2014 CMax Energi from McCafferty Ford in Langhorne, PA in mid-November. Since then, I have put over 6,000 miles on the car. Our decision to buy the CMax was mostly due to the fact that we put on so many miles (our last new car was a 2004 Subaru Forester which totaled 396,000 miles before the engine decided to leave this mortal coil) Calculating mileage the reliable way (trip odometer mileage divided by gallons to fill) gives a respectable 39-41 miles. We use the 120volt plug, and I never show a range greater than 13 miles despite the fact that I am very conscientious about how I drive. This is most likely due to the number of highway miles I cover. I bought a 240 volt charger and am having that installed. Overall I am very happy with the car and will reserve judgment about the claimed combined mileage until I have been using the 240 volt charger consistently. My main complaint about the car is not with the car but with the complete lack of knowledge possessed by my (and other) local Ford dealers when you call with questions. It seems an easy enough task to familiarize oneself with the product you are selling - especially when it is a new type of product in need of some thoughtful explanation of the various benefits it may offer. I will report back when I have been using the 240 volt charger. The 2 1/2 hour charge time will make it much easier to recharge as I work in my office between client meetings, etc.
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CMax Enegri EV Range

Would like to share my pleasant experience with the CMax Energi - been driving one for a year and half now. I agree with the other posts that temperature definitely affects the electric range. I'm lucky to be in California so there's really no periods of extreme cold, but I still can see the range lowered by about 2 miles. I log my daily commute mileage and the lowest EV miles I recorded was 20, during winter. Other times of the year I typically get 25. Driving fast on freeways definitely gives much lower EV range than local roads. I've had a few occasions on long trips driving initially all-electric at 65-70 MPH, and the EV range was about 17 miles. During commute the traffic here is typically slow (the other characteristic of California), average 40 MPH or so, so the EV range is quite good. My Energi's computer is showing that, under such 'optimal' EV mode, I'm getting 150 MPGE on average. This is much higher than the EPA-estimated 88 MPGE. Has anyone observed such a big difference? I may be driving super-conservatively. Is EPA's test method very aggressive?

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