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Current Motor Co. C-Series Scooter

Current Motor Co. C-Series Scooter


Current Motor Co's C-Series Motor Scooter is an all-electric highway-capable scooter. It is offered in both a standard an high-performance model. The standard level scooter, $9,995, will travel up to 30 miles on a charge and can reach 55mph. The Deluxe scooter, $11,995, can travel 50 miles on a charge (in normal city driving, 80 miles at a constant 30mph) and can reach 65mph. The C-Series charges from a standard US household outlet, which takes about 4 hours from empty.

The C-Series is currently available for sale. Click here for ordering information.


Vehicle Type: 
2 & 3 Wheel Vehicles
40 mi
Now Available
Top Speed: 
65 mph
Connector Type: 
Price (USD): 


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Nice try

These Chinese scooters cost about $1495.00 with gas engine. Loose the engine gas tank and radiator. Install a hub electric motor, controller, batteries and misc gauges. A DIY project for less than two grand.
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better offering

A better bet might be the X-treme XM-5000Li 85mi range 5000watt motor lion battery fits 2 riders 60mph max just under $6000.00 in red ,black, or blue
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The range of 85 miles that

The range of 85 miles that Extreme publishes is inaccurate. I used to own an X-treme XM-3150 electric scooter and they advertised 55 mile range but real would range was less than half of that. I think the numbers they use is a test when going all down hill, at 25 mph, no stops and with the wind at your back.
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Real Life Range

I own the Current Motors Deluxe and drive it 46 miles to work with a 1000 foot elevation change. I weigh 210 lbs and the average speed is around 40 mph with lots of stop and go traffic/hard acceleration and braking. It uses about 3/4 of the charge to make the trip. The bike goes well over 65 mph and is very stable. Not too quick off the line but with lots of torque above 20 mph. The X-treme XM-5000 Li is not in the same league. It may be good for putting around town though.
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the description says 50 miles for the deluxe but the specs say 80 miles. so which is it?
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Same doubt as above comment...

Bumping it up: so, is it a 50 or 80 miles range? In my case that makes all the difference as my commute has 60 miles... :)
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Sorry for the inconsistency...

According to the Current Motor Co. website, "50+ miles in normal city riding, up to 80 miles at a constant 30mph (with 5.75kWh battery pack)"

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