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Commuter Cars Tango T600

Commuter Cars Tango T600
Commuter Cars Tango T600
Commuter Cars Tango T600
Commuter Cars Tango T600


A unique 2 passenger car with inline seating and a range of 40-200 mi, depending on battery choice. The T600 will accelerate from 0-60 in just 4 sec, and charges with the new J1772 connector. The T600's retail price is $240,000 for a kit with some assembly required by customer. Tango is located in Spokane, WA.


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Cars & Trucks
200 mi
Now Available
Top Speed: 
135 mph
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You guys should consider a way to get the pricing under 50k, whether that means producing alot of Tangos. You could choose to send out a release date and appeal to your audience. Give them bright colors and classic colors. Also if the price point does drop below 50k I'm pretty sure you'll be able to sell almost all of them or completely sell out. Its a unique car and its electric, plus from 0-60mph in 4 seconds makes it impressive. I'd tweak the stereo though and find a manufacturer to possible add a cheap touch screen in. Very cool car though!
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Commuter Car Tango T600

I love tiny automobile, I am the proud "parent" of a SmartForTwo ($17,100.00) and I think "she" is absolutely perfect.Ten minutes before I finish working on my commuter I log onto and type: the cutest and tiniest automobile in the world I watch them and came across your: Commuter Car Tango T600 It is adorable, but who came up with the idea of that price tag?? $180,000.00 to $240,000.00 you are INSANE! Seriously was the think tank behind this on drugs?? I would not pay a penny over $30,000.00 for it and it would have to be already built. Thank you for letting me share my two (2) cents on this. Best regards. Tiny Automobile Admirer
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That price is way too insane

I know a lot of R & D went into this, but charging supercar prices and needing to be assembled after purchased will not sell cars. People in that price range have already bought the more spacious, longer range, fully built Tesla Models. While the T600 is doubled the price, it looks like the dimensions of a Twizy, which is less than 10k usd, or 24 times less. Make it comparable to a Twizy, since that is your car's competition, and have it delivered finished, and you could see a result. However, since the Twizy has been out for a minute, the T600 needs to beat the Renault in all categories. McLaren did the same with the Ferrari 458 when the MP4-12c came out. You got to look at your competition at your price range, and at 240k, the T600 would be kicked out for vacancy.
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Tango Pricing

The Tango entry shows a price of $160k. Unfortunately we can't build them for that. There have been many upgrades over the years, and if we have to build them one at a time, the price is $240k for all of the kit components. If 10 at a time, we can reduce the price to $200k, and if 100 at a time, we can achieve a $100k price. For more information on pricing, please see the "Buy, Lease, Rent" page on our web site: . I'm sorry, but that's the nature of car manufacturing, especially when you can't start with a car that's already been built.
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Thank you!

Thanks Rick. The information has been updated.
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tango electric

this was my favorite electric vehicle several years ago when it had 2 configurations top retail being around $80k and the base model @ 1/2 that. now there are more choices @ same - or better quality levels for less $ & w/ more style!
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Tango T600

Are there any tangos cheaper than 200,000 dollars or 150,000 dollars? Can we truly get one for 80 grand or 40 grand? Looking for electric alternatives. Love this car!
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Same lol. Really want one.

Same lol. Really want one.

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