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The F3DM is BYD's first plug in hybrid with a 60 mi all electric range and a 300 mi total range. The F3DM is powered by a 1L gasoline engine and two permanent magnet motors (25kW and 50kW). The F3DM has a 16kWh battery pack and 9 gallon gas tank. Warren Buffet invested $230M for 10% of BYD's parent, which is also a battery maker. BYD employs 130k workers and is located in Shenzen, China.

Now available in China. Targeted for US and EU in 2012.


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Cars & Trucks
60 mi
No Longer Available
Top Speed: 
100 mph
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BYD F3DM not on sale

It seems that BYD has stopped the sales of F3DMs. Please see at the below of their company page: It says: "not on sale now". Plus, there is no info about F3DM left at the website. I recently read at another website that they have started laying-off their workers. Does anybody know what is going on? Thanks.
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Greetings from Finland. F3dm

Greetings from Finland. F3dm is optimistically for sale on Spain´s BYD-page (with 5 years warranty). And the car is on the european BYD-page. Maybe they think that the car is more suitable for the european market..?
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Rob, thank you for the info. I did not know that they have been in the European market. Interestingly, they still do not list F3DM in their main company webpage ( As you said, may be European market is a better option than the Chinese market for initial penetration. It's much cheaper than the Opel Ampera. Thanks...
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No problem :). One reason for

No problem :). One reason for the silence about f3dm is certainly that BYD is updating the f3 (and f3dm): Other sources tell that BYD is focusing on quality in the updated model. Not bad if the price doesn´t really get noticeably higher.
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oh my word

As someone who has lived in China. I can tell you that most people ideas about china are off base. There is no government health care and most workers get paid 1500 RMB per month. Now can we talk about cars?
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Why can China do this but not US?

It looks like China has made a better Chevy Volt and for half the price! It goes 60 instead of 40 miles all electric. I'll have to get this if it comes out in the US in my area before the Volt.
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BYD 60 mi electric range.

This "range" I believe was set by (BYD). Not by (EPA). It's a Chinese Car. EPA has never seen it. Judging by what the EPA has done with other entrants, (BYD) will be lucky to get past EPA with an ALL ELECTRIC mileage rating of about (30).
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Cheap Chinese Cars

Why can China do this but not US? Wed, 12/08/2010 - 4:13pm — Josh P Maybe, because Chinese auto workers (Toyota, Buick, Honda, BYD etc..) are paid $1 per hour. Maybe because this communist country subsidizes its factories and provides government healthcare for its workers. Maybe because American car and motorcycle manufacturers must accept 22 to 30% tariffs on their exports to China (Bush WTO Treaty, 2001). If this sounds good to you, I'd suggest moving to communist China.
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Er. I don't know about Buick,

Er. I don't know about Buick, but Toyota and Honda are Japanese companies, not Chinese. Japan is a Capitalist country like the US.
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get off this site

Take your liberal sentiment and social healthcare ideas to a website where people care about that shit. And then send a letter of thanks to your congressman for ensuring your "entitlement" check arrived in the mail on time.

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