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BYD Auto Electric Bus

BYD Electric Bus, courtesy of BYD
BYD Electric Bus, courtesy of BYD
BYD Electric Bus, courtesy of BYD
BYD Electric Bus, courtesy of BYD


The BYD Electric Bus (also known as eBus and K9 in China) is a full size, all-electric bus that seats 32 (including driver). The roof of the bus is lined with solar panels, which provide power to the "Fe" battery. With BYD's "Fe" battery, the bus can travel over 155 miles in the city. A three-phase fast charger can bring the battery from empty to 50% in about an hour and from empty to full in about three hours. . The BYD Electric Bus is 12 meters (39 feet) long and weighs about six tons.


Vehicle Type: 
Commercial Vehicles
155 mi
Now Available
Top Speed: 
62 mph
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The electric vehicles are

The electric vehicles are getting popular among people. It is good sign that the public transport system is also concerned about the environment. The electric buses will be very much helpful in reducing the amount of pollution. The BYD buses will use solar energy and are emission free and are capable of carrying 32 passengers.
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Of course that the electric

Of course that the electric cars have only benefits for the environment. But until a mass production should be possible, the electric cars manufacturers must think also about the efficiency. Yes, these buses are just fine in using solar energy but the question is what is the capacity of stocking this energy? You need a lot of energy to have on disposal in order for a big engine to work on normal parameters. And you do not control the sun all the time, like on cloudy days, on nights and so on.
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BYD vehicvles

I got to ride on the BYD cruiser bus from Phoenix to Bio Sphere 2 nearr Tucson. It was smooth as glass and very efficient. A few weeks later we got to see the city bus and it was also very nice with top quality interior. We also saw the BYD E6 small SUV. It really looks much sleeker than the pictures. The Dash is very nice with loads of information all at a glance. They really have top quality vehicles. I hope our city signs up for them soon. They even have the longest battery warranty in the world.

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