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Virtually every major auto manufacturer in the world, along with numerous smaller outfits, is developing a plug-in vehicle and Plug In America is tracking their progress. Our list below represents highway-capable cars and trucks, 2- and 3-wheeled, and commercial vehicles. To be included on this list, legitimate companies must have completed a concept, demonstration, or mule vehicle, and we list these at our discretion. Low-speed electric vehicles are not included. Vehicle prices listed do not include rebates.

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Key terms: EV: Electric Vehicle, PHEV: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (includes Extended Range Electric Vehicles), AER: All-electric range, SOC: state-of-charge, EVSE: Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (Charging Station), SAE J1772™: US charging connector standard, CVRPClean Vehicle Rebate Project

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Make / Model Drivetrain Description Range Top Speed Price (USD)sort icon Target Image
The 2014 Cadillac ELR is a luxury extended range electric coupe, based on the Chevrolet Volt platform... 35 mi 100 mph $75,000
Now Available
2014 Cadillac ELR, courtesy of General Motors
VIA Motors
The VIA Motors VTrux is an extended range electric truck that can travel up to 40 miles on electricity and 400 miles using gasoline... 40 mi 85 mph $79,000
Now Available
 VTrux, courtesy of VIA Motors
MonoTracer e

High performance pure battery electric version of the MonoTracer®, a two-wheeled fully enclosed cabin motorcycle with retractable lateral stabilizer wheels...

200 mi 150 mph $104,320
Now Available
Peraves MonoTracer e

Medium Duty Truck, Class 4, 5, 6 (GVWR 15,000-25,950 lbs) trucks built on Freightliner chassis, top speed 60 mph, range options up to 90 mi, 99kWh Valence Li-ion...

90 mi 60 mph $120,000
Now Available
The Bremach T-REX is a customizable off-road heavy-duty truck, with a 3.87-ton payload rated chassis. The T-REX comes in 4 fuel types: Gasoline, CNG, Hybrid, and electric. 100 mi TBA $120,000
Now Available
Courtesy of Bremach Motors USA

Class 4 truck, range up to 100 mi, top speed 60mph, Li-ion polymer battery, UQM 100 kW (124 hp) motor, peak torque 650 Nm (400 lb-ft), peak power 150 kW...

75 mi 60 mph $130,000
Now Available
Electrorides ZeroTruck

The i8 is a newly-designed 2-door 4 seater PHEV, with the same electric drive system as the BMW i3 powering the front wheels, and a 1.5 L, 3-cylinder engine driving the rear wheels...

15 mi 155 mph $135,700
Now Available
BMW i8, courtesy of BMW
Nautilus E20/E30

The Nautilus is an all-electric shipping cargo port drayage tractor with a 60,000-pound max payload and a 30-60 mi range, depending on payload and battery configuration...

60 mi 40 mph $208,000
Now Available
Balqon Nautilus E20/E30
IC Bus
CE Hybrid

IC offers PHEV "Charge Depleting" & hybrid "Charge Sustaining" versions of CE series bus, charge depleting range 40 mi, Li-ion, liquid cooled battery pack...

40 mi TBA $210,000
Now Available
IC Bus CE Hybrid
Commuter Cars
Tango T600

A unique 2 passenger car with inline seating and a range of 40-200 mi, depending on battery choice. The T600 will accelerate from 0-60 in just 4 sec...

200 mi 135 mph $240,000
Now Available
Commuter Cars Tango T600
BYD Auto
Electric Bus
The BYD Electric Bus is a full size, all-electric bus that seats 32 (including driver). The roof of the bus is lined with solar panels, which provide power to the "Fe" battery... 155 mi 62 mph $550,000
Now Available
BYD Electric Bus, courtesy of BYD