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Texas students say OYEA ("Oh, yeah!") to EVs

Texas students say OYEA ("Oh, yeah!") to EVs

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9:10 minutes
Ivan Kumamoto
Produced By: 
Kate Baker
Audio Edited by: 
Joseph Puentes
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Red Bennet

Show Notes

At 18, Ivan Kumamoto is already a dedicated EV activist. As co-president of OYEA (Organization of Young Environmental Activists), he works to educate the public in his corner of Texas on the benefits of EVs. In this podcast, Ivan describes some of their EVents.


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Photo Credit: Gian Metzger

This photo from New Britian event: EV/ PHEV parade owners circle up around the CCSU campus Memorial Flags that honor the five services; Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy.

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