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Scott Mercer Declares Volta Chargers "Forever Free"

Scott Mercer Declares Volta Chargers "Forever Free"

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5:53 minutes
Scott Mercer
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Kate Baker
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Joseph Puentes
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Red Bennett

Show Notes

Scott Mercer is the 25-year-old co-founder of Volta Industries, a Hawaiian company that has developed a potentially "game-changing" model of charger service delivery. Based on the web model of free sponsored services, this system could provide free public EV charging ... forever. But before Scott's vision could materialize, he had to educate local business sponsors on the benefits of bringing this model from the web into the real world. Scott tells his story here


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Time that it takes to charge

The interviewer stated that it can take as long as 12 to 15 hours to charge at a public charging station. This could be the case for a Level 1 charger charging at 120 volts, but all chargers (such as the ones being discussed in the interview) are at least a Level 2 charger and these can take as little as a couple of hours to fully charge a car depending on what type of on board charger the car has (3.3 vs. 6.6.) and how depleted the batteries were when charging began. Most often, public chargers are utilized to top off or add some extra mileage. They are typically not utilized for charging a completely depleted battery to a full charge.
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