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National Plug-In Day is Coming!

National Plug-In Day is Coming!

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7:10 minutes
Zan Dubin Scott
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Kate Baker
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Joseph Puentes
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Red Bennett

Show Notes

On October 16, EV enthusiasts in more than 20 cities nationwide will be celebrating National Plug-In Day. From Knoxville to Seattle, grassroot organizations are working with the likes of Sierra Club, Electric Auto Association, and Plug In America to spread the word through EVents like plug-in parades and no-tailpipe tailgate parties. In this interview, Plug In America's own Zan Dubin Scott talks about the unprecedented scope of the event and reveals her part in the conversation that started it all.


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I Need Batteries That Work !

I Need Batteries That Work! I drive an Antique EV. Last summer I got a 20 mi range at 20 mph. Now I get 3-5 mi at 10 mph. Other drivers shoot me the finger, and tell me to get a real car. Alone in Iowa..I need, 144 vdc. at 200 a. Lithiums seem to make sense. Sparky
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Plug In

Plugging in is the best thing everyone can do to stop imported OIL and pollution. The LEAF is setting the pace and many are following.
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Where are the electric cars

I was living in Florida for the last eleven years. I did not see electric cars advertised anywhere. I have no knowledge of any being sold in Florida. Is any progress really being made?