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Chris Paine's "Revenge"

Chris Paine's "Revenge"

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Director Chris Paine
Produced By: 
Kate Baker
Audio Edited by: 
Joseph Puentes
Music Composed By: 
Red Bennett

Show Notes

Director Chris Paine has described his influential 2006 documentary, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" as being "about how corporations can make some very bad decisions." His newest work, as revealed in this interview, carries a dramatically different message. Here Chris discusses the genesis of the soon-to-premiere "Revenge of the Electric Car" and highlights Plug In America's significant contributions.


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Hank = Big oil Stooge

Hank you are an idiot, Obama and Steven Chu have done more to promote electric cars than any, ANY administration before. Crawl back under the rock from which you came, EVs are here to stay, and thanks for Obama and Steven Chu and the Energy Department, Made in the USA batteries will power the future of EVs in America. I have two EVs, Nissan Leaf and Ford Ranger, both pure electric. 7KW of solar powers them both for free, in fact I might get a few hundred back at the end of the year from my local utility. Nissan is completely supply constrained, every Leaf built is sold, if they had 100K Leafs for sale right now they would all be sold tomorrow. Domestically produced (and produced on my roof) energy is here today. Going to the gas station will go the way of the dinosaur.
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We have a long fight ahead of us!

Big Oil is not going to let this happen so easily. That is why they are working so hard to get rid of Barack Obama. They want control so bad they have killed the US economy and continue to keep the economy down by not hiring anyone under the false pretense of "Uncertainty and excess regulations". Detroit are not releasing EV's to the public that fast. This alone scares makes we wonder if they are just stalling until the 2012 elections and a repeat of the "Who Killed the electric Car" will replay itself all over again.