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Plug In Day: San Jose

Sun, 10/16/2011 - 11:00am - 2:00pm

Type of Event

Tailgate without Tailpipes


National Plug-In Day, a large, nationwide gathering of plug-in vehicles. It is to show America that the vehicles are here and viable! There are local gatherings in 26 cities. Organized by Plug In America, Sierra Club, and the Electric Auto Association.

About 25 plug-in vehicles are scheduled to be there. There are several home conversions and interesting projects, but the vast majority will be factory produced electric vehicles. Bring your questions - our people are there to answer them!


We plug-in owners get to enjoy a smooth, quiet ride; lots of low-end torque and instant throttle response; and very low maintenance and operating costs. And we’re doing our part for our nation's economy, energy security, and clean air.

So why doesn't everybody have one? "Electric" perceptions are based on golf carts and older low-speed "neighborhood" vehicles. Regular highway-speed cars just recently became available. Most Americans still have not even seen a modern electric vehicle, much less ridden in one. We want to show you that the cars are here, and they are cars that you want to drive!


Anybody interested in plug-in vehicles is welcome to stop by, check out the vehicles, and ask questions of the owners. Bring friends and family!


    Attendees will include:
  • Plug In America (organizer)
  • San Jose Electric Auto Association (the Electric Auto Association is an organizer)
    And for vehicles, we're expecting
  • Nissan LEAFs (some giving rides)
  • Tesla Roadsters (some giving rides)
  • Chevrolet Volts
  • Older factory vehicles: Toyota RAV4-EV, Ford Ranger EV
  • Home-built conversions - from small cars to a pickups

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For more information please find us


San Jose Mercury News parking lot
750 Ridder Park Drive
San Jose, CA 95190
United States

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