Plug In America |

What happens when the batteries run out of power?

You charge them back up. When electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) are commonplace, charging stations will be everywhere, and thousand of them are being installed in the coming year thanks for government stimulus funds. Restaurants, grocery stores and other retail establishments will offer free or low-cost charging as enticements to get customers. Of course, anyone with access to a plug at home will set the car's timer to charge late at night, when cheap surplus power is readily available. Studies indicate that 80% of Americans have ready access to plugs where they park at night. PHEVs will not need to be charged since their internal combustion engine allows the same range as gasoline cars for long trips. However, to minimize pollution, cost, and the other ills associated with the use of oil, PHEV drivers would do well to plug in whenever possible to maximize the use of the electric grid.