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Plug-in Electric Vehicle Sales On Pace to Double First Five Years of Plugless Hybrid Sales

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As we near five years since the introduction of plug-in electric vehicles, it's encouraging to see that total sales are on pace to double that of plugless hybrids for their first five years.

This year also marks the fifth annual celebration of National Drive Electric Week. Please join us at an event near you. As we like to say, No Plug, No Deal.

Chart of PEV vs. hybrid vehciles for first five years since introduction for each.


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Electric vehicle sales

In this current generation we have found the use of hybrid or electric vehicles. Therefore around the whole world we can notice huge increase in the sales of hybrid vehicles; as due to its advanced and good technical features users are showing their interest on it. Apart from good techniques and advanced features these vehicles are environmental friendly also; so we can get some rapid increase in the sales of hybrid vehicles.