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Breaking - EV Infrastructure Tax Credit Extension Passed House

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77 Capitol BuildingJust wanted to let you know that the tax bill with the EV infrastructure tax credit extension passed the House late tonight 277-148.

It extends the EV infrastructure tax credit for one year until 12/31/2011 at pre-stimulus levels.

This means that the tax credit on an EV charger is 30% up to $1,000 for consumers and 30% up to $30,000 for businesses rather than 50% up to $2,000/50% up to $50,000 as it has been for the past two years.

We are glad we were able to help get it extended but disappointed that the credit has been reduced just as the first new wave of electric cars hits the road...

A big Thank You to all of you who supported our campaign by sending thousands of letters to your representatives.

-Jay Friedland, Legislative Director


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Avialability in ALL states

Maybe the tax credit should only be available until the vehicles are actually available to all states. My federal tax dollars are only subsidizing sales of EVs only in other states? Or more practically how about extending the credit so that each state gets to have the incentive for the same amount of time? After years of sales to CA and NY, the rest of the country can actually be allowed to purchase electric vehicles and there should be some incentives left over for the rest of us.
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Rebate for Charging Stations

There's something wrong here. We need to further increase the incentives for Americans to get off of fossil fuels. Not only should they have extended the date for charging station rebates, but they should have also increased the rebates to 100% for home charging stations. You can bet the Oil Industry Lobbyists had a hand in decreasing the previous rebate. And, there would be the added incentive of preventing new wars over oil in the future.