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How Will You Charge Your Ride?

Some common add-ons to plug in vehicles will be electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), chargers, and software. Please see the bottom of the page for an explanation of these items and a glossary of commonly used terms.

This tracker focuses on latest revision SAE J-1772 and CHAdeMO compliant units that are designed for North American commercial and residential end-users. Prices shown are base (no options) equipment only (some vendors require that installation be done by their own contractors) and are before any applicable credits or rebates.

New Charging Options Flyer for National Plug In Day

Plug In America has created a beginner's guide to plug-in vehicle charging options. We will be handing these out as flyers at upcoming National Plug In Day 2013 events. You can download a preview copy here.

Make / Modelsort icon Type Level Maximum Amps Short Description Price (USD) Accessory Images
Fuji FRCH50B-2-01
Charger, CHAdeMO
This is Fuji Electric's 50 kW model, and was one of the first models chosen by EVOasis in California.
Credit: CHAdeMO
General Electric WattStation
Charge Station, SAE J-1772
Designed by industrial designer Yves Behar. Now available.
Source: GE
General Electric DuraStation
Charge Station, SAE J-1772
UL listed. Company has over 100 years experience in the design and manufacture of electrical distribution systems.
Station installed at Portland's "Electric Avenue", Credit: Craig Vinton
GM Voltec EVSE
Charge Station, SAE J-1772
ETL listed. GM has announced a partnership with Michigan-based SPX Service Solutions to sell and install this 240V home charging station made for the Chevrolet Volt. This station can recharge the Volt battery from depleted to full in about four hours.
GoSmart ChargeSpot RF
Charge Station, SAE J-1772
GoSmart Technologies offers two Level 2 units, one offering 30A charging, the other 50A.
Credit: GoSmart Technologies
Green Garage Associates Juice Bar
Charge Station, SAE J-1772
Designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA. This is a free-charging only station.
Credit: PR Newswire
GRIDbot UP-100J
Charge Station, SAE J-1772
ETL listed. Commercial unit can handle simultaneous Level 1 charging via a NEMA 5-20 receptacle or Level 2 charging using the J-plug.
Credit: GRIDbot
Gridtest Systems EV Emulator Tool
Designed for EVSE installers and lab testers, this tool allow you to verify and track the installation of SAE J1772 Level 1 and 2 EV charging stations. Provides a simple pass/fail result or detailed explanation of the failure mode through its touch screen interface.
Credit: Gridtest
Kanematsu Ultra Fast
Charger, CHAdeMO
Fast charger with built-in battery buffer. Designed to limit input power to 20kW while providing 160kW burst charging.
Legrand Level 1
Charge Station, SAE J-1772
Legrand's cordset allows selection of charge rate, which increases flexibility and reduced the chance of blowing a circuit breaker on a limited-amperage circuit.
Credit: Legrand