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How Will You Charge Your Ride?

Some common add-ons to plug in vehicles will be electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), chargers, and software. Please see the bottom of the page for an explanation of these items and a glossary of commonly used terms.

This tracker focuses on latest revision SAE J-1772 and CHAdeMO compliant units that are designed for North American commercial and residential end-users. Prices shown are base (no options) equipment only (some vendors require that installation be done by their own contractors) and are before any applicable credits or rebates.

New Charging Options Flyer for National Plug In Day

Plug In America has created a beginner's guide to plug-in vehicle charging options. We will be handing these out as flyers at upcoming National Plug In Day 2013 events. You can download a preview copy here.

Make / Modelsort icon Type Level Maximum Amps Short Description Price (USD) Accessory Images
Epyon Power Terra 50.X System
Charger, CHAdeMO
A system consisting of a number of charge posts together with a base station. Designed for fleets and commercial uses. Compact, space saving design (versus having to park next to a large self-contained charger).
Credit: Epyon Power
Epyon Power Terra 50.1 Charge Station
Charger, CHAdeMO
A DC Quick Charging Station with a single CHAdeMO compliant connector.
Credit: Epyon Power
Enginer Auxiliary Battery Pack
An add-on battery back for OEM vehicles like the Nissan LEAF designed to extend vehicle range.
4 kWh pack. Credit: Enginer
Efacec QC50
Charger, CHAdeMO
This fast charger is designed for EV fleet bases, service stations, EV service workshops, and public EV infrastructure.
Courtesy: Efacec
Ecotality Blink EVSE
Charge Station, SAE J-1772
UL listed. Selective height design for convenient compliance with ADA requirements. 360 degree beacon light.
Station installed at Portland's "Electric Avenue", Credit: Craig Vinton
Ecotality Blink DC Fast Charger
Charger, CHAdeMO
Ecotality's DC Fast Charger is a two port solution with a large LCD display and advertising capability.
Credit: Ecotality
Ecotality Blink Mobile Application
Blink charge station finder application for smartphones and mobile devices. Works whether you are a Blink Member or not.
Eaton Pow-R-Station Level 2 EVSE
Charge Station, SAE J-1772
ETL listed. Eaton's Pow-R-Station line seems compelling for fleet use, as it can talk to a facility's Energy Management System. It is also unique in that it can locally store usage information on an flash card.
Courtesy: Eaton
Eaton Pow-R-Station DC Quick Charger
Charger, CHAdeMO
ETL Listed. Commercial unit running off 208VAC power. Maximum output is 125 amps at 400VDC (50kW).
New design. Courtesy: Eaton
Eaton 120VAC Universal Receptacle EV Charging Station
Charge Station, NEMA
Designed to allow BYOC (bring your own cordset) electric vehicle charging. 20, 40 and 80 amp units are available, which can charge one, two, or four vehicles at the full capacity of the NEMA 5-20 receptacles.
Credit: Eaton