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Schneider Electric Square D Indoor

Credit: Schneider Electric


UL listed. Schneider's indoor model designed for residential use.


  • Display: Circular LEDs around LCD (indicate elapsed time, not vehicle SOC), Stop button and indicator, Power status and fault indicators, Delay button and indicator
  • Compliance: UL 2594, 2231-1, 2231-2, 991, 1998, 2251; SAE J1772; NEC 625
  • Delay start
  • Auto restart after ground fault or main power loss
  • Enclosure: NEMA 1 (Indoor)
  • Cable length: 18 ft (5.5 meters)
  • Cable management: Separate bracket
  • Mounting: Wall, pedestal
  • RFID

work4mike has published a photo of this unit as seen at Plug-In 2010 in San Jose.

Vehicle Incompatibility

Bill from Buffalo, NY reported on the Home Depot site that this station will not work with a Tesla. According to Bill, "As stated in the specs, this unit will trip off at 5ma fault, however, Tesla Cars put more than a 5ma fault while charging and will trip this unit unless redesigned."


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Works great with my 2013 Leaf

The EVlink is presently $699 on the Home Depot website. It was easy to install and I have had no problems with it. Before I installed it, I measured the standby power consumption and it was very low (< 2W). It has a separate cable holder which I found to be very convenient, since I put it on the wall very close to where my charge port is.
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Charging station works fine on my 6k charger in a 1970 VW

Charging a 1970 VW with a 6k Elcon PFC 6000 charger takes very little time and works as intended.
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Prius PHEV - Schneider EVSE Indoor

I have been using this unit for 3 months now without issue to charge my 2012 Prius Plug-in. Charge time 1.5 hrs for acomplete charge.
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Good Reviews at

I just order this EVSE from Easy. All but one of the 8 Home Depot reviewers gave it 5 stars. Also, I called Home Depot and she said it is made in USA.
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Thanks. I see HD has it for $799.
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Link above gets 404 not found

Link above gets 404 not found for the "Electric Vehicle Charging Homepage". Here is the correct link:
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Thanks for the correction, John. The link has been updated. By the way, we just got some new datasheets on Schneider's products. So we will be adding a lot of details to this page, and creating others, soon.
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Doesn't always charge

JasonT, at the My Nissan LEAF forum is reporting he has to sometimes plug the connector in a second time to get it to start charging.
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Doesn't always charge - Update

Schneider is able to replicate the problem, and are working to fix it: