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Legrand Level 2

Credit: Legrand
Accessory Type: 
Charge Station, SAE J-1772
Maximum Amps: 
Price (USD): 


Level 2 station from a major manufacturer of consumer electrical goods. Features auto reset.


  • Mounting Options: Wall, Pedestal
  • Indicators: Status Lights
  • Compliance: SAE J1772, UL 2202, 2231, 2251, and 2594
  • Enclosure: NEMA 3S
  • Auto Reset

Legrand is a global leader in electrical wiring devices and a recognized brand among electrical distributors, contractors etc.

According to a Legrand rep, initial availability will be through electrical distributors. The product will also be available at one of the major retail stores. The retail product will be "priced competitively" and available for purchase by the October 1st, 2011.


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Product Page Link is broken.

Your hyperlink to "product page" returns a defunct page.
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Legrand Charger

I purchased a Nissan Leaf I charge it every night using the Legrand charger level 2, for some unknown reason the car shows that charges at 100% however the power drops very fast even though I do not drive hills, I took the car that Montclair Nissan and while diagnostic on my car they found some warnings and according to Nissan the problem is the Legrand charger, how can I have check the charger?
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leGrand Level 2 Charger

For some reason, my LeGrand level 2 says my Chevy Volt is fully charged, but the Volt says the battery is charged with only 26 miles on battery travel. When I plug in the 110V factory cord, set the charge to 8 amps, and the battery has 32 miles of travel based upon an 8 hour charge. The LeGrand worked fine otherwise, until this week-end when it quit charging the vehicle. The Le Grand unit is all green lights, no flashing or red lights, just stopped charging. Have comtacted LeGrand to see if they have a solution.
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Re: Legrand Charger

Hi Anon,

Plug In America is not associated with Legrand. We just post this information for informational purposes.

That said, what you're reporting may be of interest to other LEAF owners.

Does the Legrand have a timer that could be shutting off prematurely?  Of course the LEAF has a charge timer as well.

Did you get details on what diagnostic warnings were found? This detail would probably be the most useful.