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General Electric WattStation

Source: GE
Source: GE
Lowes display 9/28/11, Credit: Stefano Paris
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Charge Station, SAE J-1772
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Designed by industrial designer Project Get Ready, a non-profit initiative led by the Rocky Mountain Institute. Plug in America has also been named as a project technical advisor.

GE is also in a partnership with Better Place.

According to Andy at the My Nissan Leaf forum, "GEs Wattstation L2 EVSE for home use will cost about $1,000 and be available in Feb. Will be sold in Home Depot and similar places, and quotes from installers will be available via Servicemagic."

Yanquetino posted the following:
After reading posts about the "Yves Behar Autographed Limited Edition" Residential WattStation at the CES, I registered with GE to receive more information about it. I have received an e-mail inviting me to put down a $99 deposit for one. Gotta admit that it is a fine looking EVSE. The bad news is that deliveries won't be shipping until "late 2011," with a "today only" price of $1,199, which probably doesn't include installation.


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WattStation Cord

Does anyone posting on this BLOG have experience in extending the cord on a GE WattStation, as I find the stock cord to be about 5 feet too short; meaining we must always park our car nose in first. Which is probably OK given my wife's penchant for backing into things in reverse anyway.
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Wattstation Cord

Hi Did anyone reply to you wanting an extension for your charge cord? I need one for my wattstaion because the charge plug one of the pins has been pushed in and it is not working. I can not seem to find anything out from GE
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Dead Leaf

In anticipation of needing to return my GE WattStation to Lowes, a couple of weeks ago I contacted AeroVironment (AV) and purchased directly from them one of their Level II Charging Stations for approx $1100.00. Now that my GE WattStation has been vindicated of not causing the previous failure of my Leaf on board charging (OBC) component, I'm sending the AV EVSE back for a refund; only to find out now that AV will charge me a 20% restocking fee for returning the unopened package to them. I've asked to have the restocking fee waived, but have heard nothing from them about that yet.
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Level 2 Charger

I have a brand new ClipperCreek with J1772 for sale. I was going to buy an EV I changed my mind. If your interested call me (909) 229-2635
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Get what you pay for sometimes...

When people buy such a nice car, why do they wan to buy their charger at Loews? Buy a nice charger
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Update on Wattstation/LEAF issue

Nissan Software To Blame For Charging Failures In LEAF, Not GE WattStation. Fix Coming

"Nissan and GE have completed their investigation into the instances of Nissan LEAFs experiencing on-board charging (OBC) issues when using certain EV chargers. Nissan has traced the root cause of the issue to the LEAFs OBC software that can allow damage to occur to its OBC components while using certain chargers and in certain instances, such as when a brief under voltage or blackout condition occurs. Nissan is working to address this issue as quickly as possible, and in the meantime is advising customers to avoid charging during times when brownouts or momentary power dips may be likely, such as during electrical storms or high power usage on the grid."

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I am one of the 11 Nissan

I am one of the 11 Nissan Leaf owners that had to have the OBC unit repaired incident to being connected to my GE WattStation. Initially I was advised to not reconnect my WattStation to the LEAF because if the OBC fails again it probably would not be covered under warranty again. Today, Mr. Paul Smith Nissan USA Customer Service called me to say that he had entered a "Statement for the Record" in my Nissan case file, that if the LEAF OBC fails again incident to being reconnected to my GE WattStation, that indeed any such repair would continue to be covered under warranty. I do not intend to reconnect my WattStation to my LEAF until the local dealership service manager confirms for me that he can in fact see this "Statement for the Record" in my leaf case file.
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Dead Nissan Leaf

I purchased a 2012 Nissan Leaf SL 10 days ago. I also purchased a GE Wattstation Level 2 charger at Lowes for $999 and 10% off military discount as I'm retired USMC. My oldest son is a licensed electrician, so installation was FREE. All was well for the first 5 days, then the Leaf decided it was not going to accept a charge any longer, either from the GE Wattstation or the Nissan supplied trickle charger. The Leaf is back at the dealership for repairs and I'm driving a dealership supplied loaner, a gas guzzeling Nissan SUV. Yesterday the dealership service manager called to say that they expect to have the car repaired by the end of the week; and asked what type of Level 2 charger I was using. They seemed a bit taken aback that I was not using the Nissan branded Level 2 charger ($2500 installed) and had installed the GE Wattstation instead. They implied that maybe the GE Wattstation Level 2 charger was the problem and not the Leaf itself in that they had 2 other Leafs with the same issue using the Wattstation. I wonder if there's any validity to the dealership assertion that my GE Wattstation Level 2 charger may have killed my Leaf. Gary
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Re: Dead Nissan Leaf


Never mind the service manager's response to you using a non Nissan-branded charge station. You're free to use whatever station you want.

There are some incompatible (and by this I mean "won't charge", not that any damage should be caused) charge station/vehicle combinations, but this is the first I've heard involving the Wattstation.  The fact that you are unable to charge with the Wattstation, and the trickle charger seems to indicate this is not an onboard charger diode failure like some have reported (because the trickle charger doesn't check for a bad diode and should charge regardless).

Please get good details from the service department and share them with us when you get the car back. Good luck.

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Dead Leaf

GE sent me the FEDEX return lable to send back the Wattstation once the replacement arrives. Both the GE rep and the Dealership service manager advised me to not plug in the Leaf to the replacement Wattstation until such time as Nissan and GE become "One Mind" on what this problem is. The GE rep told me that they have "several" situations identical to mine. We have the car back as of last Friday. The wife and I took it on what we call a half circle island tour last Sunday, About 85 miles driving on Eco mode the whole way, windows rolled up and AC on the whole way. Stopped at a Level 2 charging station half way thru for an hour and according to the on board computer added about 10 miles of range in doing so. Hindsight being 20/20, we probably did not need that extra 10 miles, because when we got home, we still had over 20 miles of range left, but that's still cutting it a bit close. We believe the Leaf to be the perfect car for Island life. After all, you cannot really drive too far on the island of Oahu in a single day. For the time being we can live with the trickle charger only. Over the last several years I've invested in PV solar panels on our house, taking maximum advantage of state/fed tax credits. Today we have 65 PV panels on the roof. We're enrolled in NEM with the local utility. Considering we have al all electric house with a swimming pool pump that runs 24 hours a day, our electric bill used to be about $400 a month. Today it's the minimum of $16 to be connected to the grid, with the utility banking credit for us to use during the winter months when the days are shorter and more cloudy weather. I'm no tree hugger by any stretch of the imagination. I just want to be frugal as we prepare for retirement. Gary