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Ford Focus Electric Charging Station

Credit: Ford
Accessory Type: 
Charge Station, SAE J-1772
Maximum Amps: 


Ford is working with Best Buy to offer a charging station for owners of the Ford Focus Electric. Best Buy will sell the station and offer consultation and installation services through its Geek Squad tech support services unit.

The charging station was jointly developed with Leviton.

Price will reportedly be $1,499 including standard installation.


  • Nonpermanent installation using Leviton mounting bracket system
  • Display: Light ring: verifies connectivity and shows charging status
  • Warranty: 10 year
  • Construction: 60 percent post-consumer recycled materials


Anonymous's picture

other charging station

I recently bought a charging station (ESVE) from SPX, after reading blog comments elsewhere. Ordered their standard one (model EL-50600), for about 950$ + tax. Works fine, with my even newer Focus EV. I like its small size, ability to set different charge rate (24 amp. default), and ease of removal in case I want to unplug from 240 V. and take it elsewhere. Installation directions bothered me, but a bit of improvisation got me through it. Avoid using a side "knock out" for power input, to make installation easier. Comes from Michigan.
Dave Salzman's picture

Price & availabilty

Will these be sold at Best Buy or Leviton? How much cash & carry and when available? I'm assuming it has a J1772 connector. My Nissan Leaf should be here in about a month. Sincerely, Dave Salzman