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Epyon Power Terra 50.X System

Credit: Epyon Power
Credit: Epyon Power
Credit: Epyon Power
Accessory Type: 
Charger, CHAdeMO
Maximum Amps: 


A system consisting of a number of charge posts together with a base station. Designed for fleets and commercial uses. Compact, space saving design (versus having to park next to a large self-contained charger).

Each charge post can be configured with either one or two DC Quick Charge connectors (CHAdeMO compliant), or one DC QC connector and a 16A AC connection (Mennekes).

Requires an Epyon Power Terra 50.x base station, which can be situated up to 20 meters away.

Unclear whether company is planning a charge post model with an SAE J1772 connector. The product flyer lists "replaceable outlet slots for future connection standards", so it may be possible to retrofit later.


  • Compliance: CHAdeMO
  • Display: LCD color, various languages, displays charging time, failure messages, etc..
  • Point-of-Sale support
  • Output: 50-550VDC


  • Internal heater for -20°C to 45°C operation