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Enginer Auxiliary Battery Pack

4 kWh pack. Credit: Enginer
8 kWh pack. Credit: Enginer
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Add-on 48V Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack. DC/DC converter steps up voltage to 390V to charge the OEM stock traction battery to extend vehicle range.

Charged at the same time as the main pack while sharing the same J1772 Level 2 charging plug. Amperage will be higher than stock. For example, the LEAF will request and use 21A @ 240V instead of 16A. Add-on pack is not charged during DC quick charging.

"Seamless" integration with vehicle. Range will simply drop more slowly than normal and range is extended.

Rated to 2000 cycles until degradation to 80% rated capacity.

Enginer also offers an optional DC/AC inverter, which allows the auxiliary battery pack to be used as an emergency backup power source.

4 kWh Kit

  • Range Increase: 20 miles
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Price: $3,495

8 kWh Kit

  • Range Increase: 40 miles
  • Weight: 260 lbs
  • Price: $5,495


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Hi! Does anybody know if this product is available in Europe? My daily commute in a 2013-Leaf will be 200 km this autumn (2x62 miles) with charging at work too (230 Volts). I dropped a line to Enginer, but they haven´t replied. Thanks.
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How to get them?

I own a Leaf but my daily commute will be 2x100 km this autumn (2x62 miles). It´s also dammed cold here in Finland, so I think I´ll need some more kWatts for the ride. I tried to reach the company but they didm´t reply. Does any of You guys know how to get the 8kWh-battery? Is it possible to get it to Europe? Thanks!
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Range Extender

Can this be installed onto a Ford Fusion Energi?
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Would be great if you could use Panasonic NCR18650s

It would be great to create a 97S10P pack using Panasonic NCR18650A (3.1AH @ $4.24 on 1000pcs )this 11 Kw Pack would be able to provide up 100amp max (but could be limited to 50amp just to recharge the main pack ). The advantage here that based on the weight of the batteries it would only be about 100lbs + bms and casing. This setup could give an additional 50-60 miles of range. Since this could be used only for longer trips, I would not worry about the longevity of pack since is not going to be used on a daily basis. Also 97S20P would give additional 80miles and would weight about 200+ lbs. If the 48v inverter is used then the battery pack configuration would be changed to something like 13S74P. Just a thought.
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Correction: Enginer does not have a 12kwh system for the Leaf

Just wanted to say that I confirmed with Enginer that they do not have a 12 kwh system for the LEaf. Not sure where PIA got that info? While electrically possible, it would be a challenge space-wise. -- Eric Powers
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Re: Correction: Enginer does not have a 12kwh system for the Lea

Thanks for that, Eric. I've dropped the 12kWh option from this listing.
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Enginer Leaf Manual

The manual is on a wiki and others can contribute to it. There are also owners, users and installers on Enginer's own web site forum For those that wouldn't tackle installing this system themselves, (even if they are electrical engineers), not to worry, there is a full list of Installers for Enginer systems on their web site. -- Eric Powers Madison, WI 608-729-4082
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The Leaf EV add-on pack manual does need to be reworked ...

As of 8/23/2012 IMO: The Leaf add-on manual needs to be reworked: -add list of required tools, -encircle/highlight points of interest in each image, -replace blurry images with sharp ones, -images out of order (i.e. 3,4,5 should be 4,5,3, etc.), -add an image after 27 showing that connection heat-shrink-wrapped, -add images of a 12kW add-on installed, -text is too terse and need to be more detailed/verbose, -on the text reword 11 as "Reinstall 12V and HV manual disconnects", -and at the top and bottom of the page should read "* Should only be performed by persons competent with electrical tools and wiring."
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Update: response back from company ...

Leaf add-on pack manual ... - From: Support Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2012 7:35 AM ... We will be finishing up the installation manual in the next few weeks. -
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installation manual

What kind of mickey mouse manual is that. Blurry pictures and no desciption to the pictures. What wires am i supposed to tap into. What are you trying to do get someone killed with this hokey manual. As an electrical engineer i wouldn't even attempt this procedure with the manual the way it is. Need descriptions and accurate wire descriptions to tell exactly which wires i need to tap into. Whats up with the T-taps. This kind of connections is marginal at best. Why not just solder to these wires instead.