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Ecotality Blink EVSE

Station installed at Portland's "Electric Avenue", Credit: Craig Vinton
CC By Richard Kelly, 10/2/2010, Alt Car Santa Monica
Ecotality Blink EVSE
Ecotality Blink EVSE
Accessory Type: 
Charge Station, SAE J-1772
Maximum Amps: 
Max Single Port Output: 
7.20 kW
Price (USD): 


UL listed. Selective height design for convenient compliance with ADA requirements. 360 degree beacon light.


  • Enclosure: NEMA 3R (sun and heat resistant)
  • Display: 7-color touch screen
  • Price: $1,199 Residential, $2,500 Commercial
  • Compliance: UL 2594, SAE J1772
  • Enclosure: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Programmable to charge when usage rates are lowest
  • Smart Grid ready
  • Network: Blink
  • Mounting: Wall, pedestal

5,700 Nissan LEAF owners and 2,600 Chevrolet Volt owners will be receiving a free EVSE, including installation, as part of the EVProject. Fill out the signup form to see if you qualify.

Some owners have reported various charging failures attributed to Blink units.

Blink has made a locator map available on their website.


Lars's picture

Blink Home Charger

Don't buy anything from Blink. My charger has been down for months and they don't have service people to fix it. They barely answer emails. I am ready to throw mine away and get a different model from a reliable supplier.
Phil Karn's picture

Hacking a Blink EVSE so it'll just work

I agree, Blink's EVSE is junk. I got the same "pink screens of death" and self-test failures that have plagued everyone else.

However, I found a very simple way to fix the problem. Inside the unit, behind the display, are two circuit boards. One is a low-level controller that talks directly to the car through the J1772 plug. The other is a high level computer running a highly hacked version of Linux with Blink's software.

This board is the source of all the trouble, and it isn't even necessary to charge the car! In fact, it's sole function is to disable charging, either because you told it to or because the software has crashed.

It turns out that it's very easy to disable this board and turn the EVSE into a simple, bare-bones system that JUST WORKS. There's a ribbon cable running between the two boards. Disconnect it. Also remove the DC power connector from the high level board (this is the one with the RJ45 Ethernet connector and the micro USB slot for the software on the bottom).

When you do this the screen will be dark and the unit will be off the net, of course, but the low-level controller will JUST WORK. In fact, charging starts a little faster than it ever did before, and it hasn't failed once since I made this mod nearly two years ago.

Frank's picture

Blink EV charger

Good call! Bought one today that didn't work for $75.00. Did your little modification, charging like a bull seeing red. Thanks for the info BTY: I called Blink today before the fix and they estimated the repair to be between $300-$400.
Frank's picture

Blink EV charger

Good call! Bought one today that didn't work for $75.00. Did your little modification, charging like a bull seeing red. Thanks for the info BTY: I called Blink today before the fix and they estimated the repair to be between $300-$400.
Anonymous's picture

Defective Card

It sounds as though the card can be replaced and the unit will work as originally intended. Is that card available from anyone other than Blink?
Michael W's picture

I would agree. On January 24

I would agree. On January 24 my unit went and as of 2/24/14 I have not heard anything from the technical staff at Ecotality. The call center is helpful and sympathetic but they have no answers and have not been given much in the way of tools to address customer issues. The company appears to be in total dismay as a result of the bankruptcy and subsequent acquisition by CarCharging, a Florida public company. The crazy part is that I like the unit and would simply like to get it fixed but for the life of me I can't find a service tech in Arizona that will work on the unit. Any ideas? Would really like to keep the unit.
CarCharging's picture

Blink EVSE

Has this been addressed yet? The residential portion of the EV Project has concluded for most participants, but we can refer you to a technician.
Tim's picture

I have the same problem

I had this unit installed as part of Ecotality project in March 2013. It charged well until January 2014 when it stopped charging. I called Blink service center, they passed me on to electrician who then passed me on to another company, round and round.... Among many things I heard: Blink went bankrupt and the new company Car Charging is trying to offer a maintenance program for the existing blink charger to which I have heard nothing... Bottomline, we have to pay for it, whether we have it fixed or purchase a brand new system. The calling center did give me a phone number to Tekigeek which is the electrician for repair of old blink charger . Left a message, and have yet to hear back from them... All in all, it is a frustrating experience. It does seem that way that the new company (Car Charging) does not care about the old custumers using Blink system. Although I like the old Blink system when it worked, now i have a change of heart, and am looking for another reliable charger from different company. It is a free market, when you snooze, you lose......
DInesh's picture

Ecotality Blink EVSE

Worst charger in the market. Rip off. Did not work since day one and after few weeks died completely. Service backed for months and I am waiting since june? Stay away from this product. Dinesh 610-457-5671
Justin H's picture

Blink has 3 levels for their

Blink has 3 levels for their memberships, Guest, Basic and Premium. All at 3 different price points for charging. Check their site for the most updated info, but at $2 per hr for guest is the same thing as chargepoint in most areas. Some places offering 1.50/1.00 or even .75 per hr are generous. The basic (FREE) membership is $1.5 per hour, they may still be waiving the premium membership dues for the premium members which get a bigger discount on charging. All the Blink chargers in the DC Metro region are all free. So i did the BASIC. I got my L2 Blink EVSE for free from ECOtality. After the 3 firmware update i have had ZERO issues. Great unit especially cause its was free.