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Eaton Pow-R-Station DC Quick Charger

New design. Courtesy: Eaton
Credit: Eaton
Credit: Eaton
Accessory Type: 
Charger, CHAdeMO
Maximum Amps: 


ETL listed. Commercial unit running off 208VAC power. Maximum output is 125 amps at 400VDC (50kW).

The housing consists of a maximum of five individual 10kW power drawers, allowing 20, 30, 40, or 50kW configurations. Each output configuration will fall back to using one less drawer in the case of a drawer loss.

Available in Standard and Network manager capable models.


  • Connector: CHAdeMO
  • Cable Length: up to 18 feet available
  • Interface: Touch screen, start, stop, and emergency stop buttons
  • Display: Six LEDs: Power, Charging, Complete, Remotely Controlled, Temporary Fault, and Service
  • Enclosure: NEMA 3R
  • Mounting options: Floor
  • Security: Connector locking system
  • Compliance: UL 2594, 2231, 1998; SAE J1772 2010; NFPA 70; NEC 625; FCC


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How to use video, Eaton Plugin link

I think these will be on the ChargePoint network, at least as an option. Two buttons are good for mice, but two levers with a specific sequence "hold down red lever while inserting" are not so nice for easy mass market adoption. People will get used to it, but as a veteran EV driver of over a decade, I fumble with these for my first couple uses until it becomes second nature to me. The Eaton DC Quick Charger can operate from 208V 3 phase power. Does anyone have information on cost?
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Updated photo

Updated with photo courtesy of Eaton showing new design.
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Tenessee install

TimLee at MNL reports "There is an Eaton Level 3 charger installed at the Murphy Express in Chattanooga on Lee Highway at Highway 153"
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Southern California install

The second DC Quick Charge station in California features Eaton's charger:
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Fast chargers

where are the southern california level III chargers located?
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Re: Fast chargers

California is still in a sad state with regard to fast charging, David. Big programs like Ecotality's haven't produced much more than press releases.

There are a couple pilot installations:

  • There is a TEPCO unit which was given to PG&E in Vacaville. As I understand it, it's turned off awaiting UL certification, which is unlikely to happen because TEPCO doesn't use UL for certification.
  • There is a private install of an Eaton (this page) charger at Mitsubishi Corporate HQ in Cypress. They've been kind enough to let the public use it during working hours (check in with the main desk).
  • SDG&E is reportedly installing an Aerovironment unit in San Diego soon.
  • Nissan has a portable-ized Aerovironment unit they take to events. See a photo here.

That's it so far. There is hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel. Various other companies have fast chargers undergoing NRTL certification, which is a requirement for installation in most jurisdictions.

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DC fast charging

A year + has passed since Richard's info on installations of fast chargers for EV's in California. How are we doing now? I read an article about a charging station installed in Belmont, CA (at a Volkswagen?! facility). Any others in the South Bay? I've been looking forward to driving my Leaf from Berkeley to Santa Cruz (with one fast charge en route each way) ever since I purchased it 19 mos ago... Sigh. Thanks in advance for any update.