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ClipperCreek PCS-15

Photo Courtesy of ClipperCreek
Accessory Type: 
Charge Station, SAE J-1772
Maximum Amps: 
Max Single Port Output: 
1.40 kW
Price (USD): 


ClipperCreek's PCS-120 is UL listed. This appears to be the same unit (the model numbers are used interchangeably in some documents). In-cord EVSE. Now available for direct purchase by consumers.


  • Enclosure: NEMA 4
  • Display: Charging Indicator Lamp
  • 3-year warranty


Richard's picture

Price drop

Price dropped from $695 to $595 on March 1st. Thanks, Barry.
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March Madness Sale

A combo pack which includes the PCS Level 1 charger, is on sale at ClipperCreek. Limited time only.

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New price

Price drops to $695. Thanks, Stefano
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Updated price and photo

Updated with new price ($995) and photo showing J1772 head.
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Seems they now have an

Seems they now have an on-line retail store. Not for OEM's any more??? Anyway... Looks like the PCS-15 is now $895... ...already have a PCS-15 so now hoping Santa will bring a LCS-25 for our Th!nk this Christmas... ;-)