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ClipperCreek LCS Series

Credit: ClipperCreek
Credit: ClipperCreek
Accessory Type: 
Charge Station, SAE J-1772
Maximum Amps: 
Max Single Port Output: 
4.80 kW
Price (USD): 


UL, ETL listed. Designed for residential use. These station feature some of the same features found in other ClipperCreek units, like the Service Ground Monitor, Automatic reclosure, and the contactor monitoring.

ClipperCreek makes three models (15, 20, and 25)


  • Compliance: UL 2594, UL 2202, 2231, 1998; NEC 625, SAE-J1772
  • Enclosure: NEMA 4
  • Reclosure Feature: Allows charging to resume automatically after a fault
  • Contactor Monitoring: Checks contacts for early signs of failure
  • CCID with Automatic reclosure and Self-check
  • Service Ground Monitor
  • Display: Charging Indicator Lamp
  • 3-year warranty

Vehicle Incompatibility

A driver has reported an incompatibility with the 2013 LEAF, where "the car and charger go through an on/off cycle every few seconds." ClipperCreek is aware of the issue. Update: Nissan and ClipperCreek are aware of the issue and [are] "working on it."


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I just purchased a LCS-25 from MetroPlugIn for $595 shipped. It arrived in two days, I have an electrician scheduled to install my 240V 25 amp line to our garage next week. While I've been able to operate my Volt for 13 months at over 90% all battery off the 120V OEM charger, I'm looking forward to the faster charging times a dedicated 240V line will provide. Additionally we may be buying a second Volt or ELR when our second car, a 556HP CTS-V coupe becomes too expensive to operate.
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Price drop permanent

Looks like the lower price of $595 is the new normal price as of March 1st. Thanks, Barry.
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March Madness Sale

Price is $595, down $200 from $795. Limited time only.

ClipperCreek also has a combo pack for sale that includes this cordset and a Level 1 cordset.

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It would be great if there

It would be great if there was a dial on the back (like on the SPX) so the user could adjust the control pilot signal. This would make an awesome portable EVSE. A higher current capacity would help too, but I'm sure it's hard to fit higher rated parts in such a small box! ;)
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Price Updated LCS-25

Price has been updated on their site, another price drop bringing the price down to $795. I will be picking one up at this price.
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Still too expensive

Still too expensive, these still need to be cheaper, let me know when I can buy a portable 240v level 2 for under $500. They sell the equivalent to this n Canada as a SunHighway for $659
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Re: Price Updated LCS-25

Nice! A $200 price drop. Thanks, JustinH.
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LCS-20 is still available via special order

I have an existing 240 Volt 20 Amp circuit in my house, with some very difficult wire routing, so I wanted to use that existing 20A wiring. Therefore I needed an LCS-20, built for 20 Amp circuits (including sending the 16A signal on the J1772 interface). CC confirmed that the LCS-20 is still available -- it's the same as an LCS-25, they just need to configure it for 20 Amp service. So I placed my order and got mine tonight. Just an FYI for anyone who might need an LCS-20 or even an LCS-15 for whatever reason. Price was $995.
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Thanks, MikeK. I see CC is

Thanks, MikeK. I see CC is selling the 25 amp model now. Price has been updated.
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LCS-25 for $995...

Don't see an LCS-20 on their on-line shopping page... Do see a LCS-25, Gray, for $995. Much better price than $1,625...