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Andromeda Power ORCA-Mobile

Credit: Andromeda Power
Orca Mobile at Andromeda Power, Credit: Richard Kelly
Orca Mobile at EVS26, Credit: Richard Kelly
Accessory Type: 
Charger, CHAdeMO
Maximum Amps: 
Max Single Port Output: 
50.00 kW
Price (USD): 


A versatile mobile CHAdeMO charger that can be plugged into a variety of input power sources, including AC or DC (208/400/480V, 50/60Hz, mono-phase, 2 or 3-phases)

Maximum output is 50kW (125A @ 550V). Output is variable (user-selectable).

Andromeda Power is currently accepting pre-orders at a discount ($17,000). They plan to deliver upon successful Intertek safety certification. Buyers may take delivery before certification if they sign a waiver. Andromeda plans to upgrade old chargers, at cost, to any new specifications required by the safety certification.


  • User-Friendly Interface: light indicators and two buttons (Start and Stop) to operate.


  • Additional cable lengths available (20', 25' 30')


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Over $24K -Much Too pricey!

Give me a heads up when the price on the orca-mobile drops about 90% which is about how much nissan leaf prices will drop if they fail to figure out a fast and reliable infrastructure in the near future. Over $24K - Much Too pricey. Why would I invest in a level 3 charger for my company when I can convert the stock trickle charger to a level 2 under $300 and allow employees 8 of these converted chargers for about a tenth of the price of one orca-mobile charger? Hardware is not the only issue though. Electric rates are a major drawback as well since SDG&E averages 2-3 times the national average per KW hour. To give you an idea, my SDG&E electricity statement for 1300 kilowatt hours as of Sept. 28 2013 was a $449.00. That's right, nearly $450. Before the Leaf our rates averaged $120-$140 monthly. Just as a comparison, when I first started as a customer with SDG&E back in 1979 I was paying $15 monthly for both gas and electricity. Today I spend $15 daily! $500 is what I was spending at the gas pump 8 months ago for ExxonMobile to fill 3 vehicles monthly. Now we're spending that same amount on just one added Nissan electric vehicle to our household (80-84 miles daily). This winter we’re switching back to our 2012 Nissan Murano (as opposed to the 2013 leaf) courtesy of SDG&E. Given the slight decline locally in Exxon gasoline prices, it’s actually cheaper to drive the 6 cylinder 2012 Nissan Murano as of October thru Dec. 2013. Having serious second thoughts on this 2013 Leaf purchase because I failed to do my homework properly on rising utility rates where SDG&E averages 2-3 times the national average. Probably the most expensive KW hour rates in the entire country .... OUCH! And no I'm not spending an additional $30K on solar panels or $24K on a level 3 charger as if I wanted to double the price of this over- rated toaster in our driveway. 90-100 range is simply false advertising on Nissan's part (with zero help on added infrastructure).
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Reply to 'Over $24K -Much Too pricey!'

Sounds like you would be an excellent candidate to install a solar array to offset your insanely high rates. Sure, it's a high upfront cost, but at $450 a month, you'll break even quite quickly. Also, check with your utility on EV rates. There is also solar leasing available that will both lower your monthly expenses on electricity and not require a large upfront cost. A full charge for every day of the month on a LEAF at your posted rate would be $249, not quite as high as your posted $309 increase. At 20 MPG (EPA) on your Murano, a month of driving at $2.80 (my local gas price) would be $368.90, and you'd have to throw engine-related maintenance in on top of that. Still looks to be cheaper to drive the LEAF.
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SDG&E has some great time of

SDG&E has some great time of use rates for EV drivers that will allow you charge your LEAF for about 15c/kWh at night. Give them a call and see if this makes sense for you.
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More details coming soon

Recently visited this company and got to try out the charger. Will be posting details soon.