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Aerovironment Fleet Fast Charging Station Line

EV50-FS, Credit: Aerovironment
Accessory Type: 
Charger, CHAdeMO
Maximum Amps: 
Max Single Port Output: 
60.00 kW
Price (USD): 


Aerovironment's line of Fleet DC Fast Charge Stations ranges from 30kW (EV30) to 250kW (EV250). Aerovironment did make a 10kW version as well, which doesn't currently appear in their product listing.

Price shown in this listing is for a single EV50 model with 6-8 week delivery.

These are IGBT-based DC chargers that take commands from the EV battery management system. They feature vandal and weather proof cabinets.

They are ideal for fleets with large batteries, no overnight shutdown, unpredictable routes, or long routes that exceed battery range.

These Fleet models (as opposed to the AV Commercial Line) are designed with "minimal aesthetic design considerations and user instructions to achieve lowest cost solution."

The chargers are available with the CHAdeMO protocol, though other protocols can be installed as needed.


  • Compliance: CHAdeMO
  • UL Listing: Pending
  • CE Listing: Pending


  • Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Data management and metering
  • Wired and wireless communication
  • EV30-FS
  • EV50-FS
  • EV60-FS
  • EV125-FS
  • EV250-FS