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Our Team

Joel Levin - Executive Director
Joel is an advocate for low-carbon technologies and a frequent speaker and writer on topics relating to electric vehicles, clean energy, water policy and climate policy in California and throughout North America. Prior to joining Plug In America, he served as vice president for business development at the Climate Action Reserve, the state-chartered nonprofit that runs North America's largest carbon offset registry. During his 12-year tenure, he recruited and managed relationships with hundreds of companies that participate in the organization, which establishes standards and issues carbon offsets for projects across the country. An expert on climate policy and carbon markets, he has worked with the California Environmental Protection Agency, California Public Utilities Commission, California Air Resources Board and state legislature in helping to develop climate change policy while with the Reserve, and sought support for its programs from private foundations and government agencies.
Michael Thwaite - President
Michael grounded himself in technology in the 80’s, he's a computer geek at heart with a side-passion for fast cars. As a 12-year old he always assumed that everyone would be driving electric cars by the time he grew up, it took until 2008 before he got his first go behind the wheel of an EV - it was a one-way street from there on.
Marc Geller - Vice President
Marc Geller is an advocate and writer in the area of public and corporate policy related to electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and related source energy.
Jeff Finn - Treasurer
Jeff has been a sustainability advocate by using technology to do more with less since the 1960's. His passion for electric vehicles took physical form just two weeks after 9/11. That is when he took delivery of his family's 2002 Toyota Prius. Just six years later, he found himself apprenticed to Seattle's master EV builder, Dave Cloud, for the conversion of a 2000 Chevy Metro into Jeff's beloved Volt Runner EV. It was in April, 2008, when Jeff made his last purchase of gasoline used for driving in the Seattle metro area.
Dan Davids - Board Chair, Fundraising Chair
Dan David's career spans oceanography, aviation, and software design. He is an active environmentalist promoting electric vehicles, solar power, sustainable building, and animal rights. He devotes much of his time to philanthropic and educational work in support of these causes.
Barry Woods - Secretary
Barry is a practicing attorney, an EVSE consultant, and serves on the Executive Committee of Plug In America. For the past six years, first in the Pacific Northwest and now in New England, Barry has also been on a mission to accelerate deployment of electric vehicles and charging station infrastructure.
Tom Saxton - Chief Science Officer
Tom is a computer programmer when he's not busy promoting electric vehicles. Cathy, his wife, first decided she wanted an electric vehicle in the late 1990s. Nearly ten years later, they bought their first in July of 2008, a 2002 Toyota RAV4-EV. In June of 2009, the Tesla Roadster they ordered in 2006 was finally delivered. Their garage is now totally electric, including the latest addition: a 2011 Nissan LEAF. Tom has served as Vice President of the Board and National Drive Electric Week Program Manager.
Colby Trudeau - IT Director
Colby Trudeau has been a volunteer on Plug In America’s IT committee since 2008. As Director of IT, Colby oversees Plug In America's online presence, including developing the Plug In America website, monitoring online coverage of battery electric vehicles, and managing social media outlets. He is an electrical engineer working for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc in San Diego, CA. Colby recently took delivery of his first plug-in vehicle, a Honda Fit EV.
Ron Freund - Director
Ron has been the chairman of the national Electric Auto Assn. for twelve years and he has driven plug-in vehicles for more than fifteen, totaling over 125,000 miles. His expertise is hardware electronics and software engineering as well as technical training. He has been a working engineer his entire career and served on two previous boards of directors in the field of education.
Jay Friedland - Director
Jay is managing partner of Cinemagic Partners Ltd, a consulting firm developing high technology ventures. A self-described serial entrepreneur, he has built successful companies as well as developing key industry alliances between companies both large and small.