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How does the electrical car compare to the smart car?

In the U.S., the Smart Fortwo is a small gasoline-powered two-seater that is rated at 33/41mpg. (Other parts of the world get a diesel version with significantly better mpg). The existing Smart gas car compares to plug-in vehicles like any other gas car--a lower initial cost, but higher fuel and maintenance costs, more pollution, reliance on foreign oil, etc. As of late 2010, Smart is also offering the Smart ED, an electric version with an 84-mile range. This is currently what they call "Phase 2", an experimental offering. It is not very quick, and limited to 60mph. Only 250 will be offered, only for lease--4 years at $599/month. In 2012 they plan to offer a more powerful electric version as a regular model; that is expected to be cheaper as well.