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Electric DriveWay Party Kit

What is an Electric DriveWay Party?

An Electric DriveWay Party is a way for you to introduce plug-in vehicles to your friends, neighbors, coworkers and family.

You just have a party, and show them the car. This kit gives you all sorts of ideas—where to have the party, who to invite, what to do, even sample invitations. Of course most of it is optional. The real idea is to get your plug-in vehicle in front of people that are not familiar with them.

Why an Electric DriveWay Party?

Things have really changed during the past few years.

In 2005, auto manufacturers were crushing electric cars rather than let consumers buy them. But now manufacturers are starting to offer several different types of plug-in vehicles. Better yet, there are incentives for buyers, programs to install charging stations, and ordinances are changing to accommodate charging in a variety of situations.

Some of the new cars are already in consumers’ hands; in fact Nissan and Chevrolet have already shipped more plug-in vehicles than were ever in the 90’s California program. Both are extremely popular; the Volt (sold through the traditional dealer model) has had some very large markups, and the Leaf (sold by reservation with the auto maker) has reservations extending out about a year. Tesla’s 2012 Model S is nearly a year from shipping, yet already has a several-month wait beyond that.

Now you have a plug-in vehicle. Thank you for joining the revolution! This is fantastic. The only thing that can stop this train is if demand for the cars doesn’t keep up with the auto manufacturers’ quickly accelerating deployment. While you have already done your part and have a better driving experience and lower operating costs, we can’t significantly improve the state of the US economy, national security, and global pollution and carbon emissions unless many, many, many more people buy plug-in vehicles.

But most people have never driven a plug-in car. In fact, while the numbers are going in the right direction, most people still don’t even know somebody that has a plug-in vehicle. Not only have they not driven one, they have not ridden in one or even seen one. They have many questions about this “new” technology, especially given the people that are working hard to keep plug-ins from being adopted by repeatedly raising myths about plug-in vehicles, even though they have long been addressed. They are often confused by the differences between NEVs and highway-speed plug-in vehicles.

For everybody’s sake, we have to educate. All of America—not just the ones already concerned enough to come to Plug In America for information--needs to understand the benefits of plug-in vehicles, and have their concerns addressed by somebody they trust.

What better way than to reach out than with a local party, where people can see the cars and get their questions answered? If you want to help out by having your own Electric DriveWay party, read the Getting Started document.

What is in the party kit?

Documents for you:

Documents for your guests:

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